Thursday, August 30, 2007

My sweetpea

You guys are awesome. Thank you for all of your suggestions. I have a good idea of where to go next with each of my questions, except the paint problem. (I have no paint chip from that color, Firefly. The only place I have it is on the wall!) And have no fear, I still cut all of Jack's food, so he certainly didn't eat a pit/seed.
A few days ago I was taking a nice soak in the tub and Jack asked if he could get in. Perhaps this will sound strange, but it was really the first time in his life that I have had a really clear vision of how fleeting time with him is. It's been a long time since I felt any sadness about him passing from one phase to the next (I tend to err on the side of excitement at all the new things we get to do as he forges ahead), but I was acutely aware of the fact that it won't be much longer that he will be able to/want to get in the tub with me.

He has done a few other things this week that I want to record.

Out of the blue he started playing red light, green light. He learned it at school, and I think it is way cool that is learning things at school. Plus, I love being surprised with the discovery of his new found skills.

He didn't take a nap yesterday at school. When I asked him why his answer was, "First I talked to the nap mat with Dandy. Then I talked with Dandy." Not really an answer to my question, but an interesting insight into my Chatty Cathy.

He has been having a lot of difficulty sleeping. 3 or 4 days ago he started asking for his crib. After no nap yesterday he was so overtired and overstimulated by 5 pm I thought I would lose my mind. At 6:45 I got out the pack and play. (I figured if he was telling me he needed a crib there might very well be a reason.) He wanted to get in it right away. He slept until 7 am. File that under things that make you go hmmm....
Suddenly he is all over imaginative play. When we set up the wooden Thomas stuff a few days ago he told me that we couldn't play until we had all the necessary items like a conductor, Sir Topham Hatt, a station, and an engine shed. Previously he would just run the trains on the tracks with no thought to the "stories."

He is making real progress on letter recognition.

And last, but certainly least, he has started running up to hug me and exclaiming "I love you so much!" I love you so much too, my little sweetpea. (I can't believe that in only 6 weeks you will be "number free.")
Your burning questions seem to be about customizing your blogs. For customizing your header I learned how at Blogatech . There is also a good blog post on how to do that here.

About changing things other than your header, I changed mine before we went to the "new blogger." I poked around on the template of my other blog and I was able to change the background colors, text colors, link colors, etc by clicking on "Template" on your blogger dashboard. Then "customize design". I can't remember exactly what the link was called (and I am using an old template so I cannot see it right now), but there was another link in the template to add links. That really is a LOT easier than the way I had to do it, which was google google google and google some more until I found some HTML instructions I could understand.

If that still doesn't help you, email me and I can help you work it out. I can't log into the Closet blog to see all the tabs and still type this post. :-)

My husband and I are off to the 61 Mile Yard Sale on Saturday, so hopefully the treasure drought will be gone by then!

(Pictures are: Jack at the pumpkin patch last fall, Jack's new quilt in progress, a found butterfly carcass.)


  1. Time speeds up when we have kids. I often found my little one to regress just a little (like the crib thing) just before she made a major leap. Sigh-- she's now 13. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN!?!

  2. I love, love, love your Jack stories. That's great that he is learning stuff at daycare and getting into imaginative play. What fun awaits!

  3. What precious memories have tucked away in this post. And somdeday both of you can look back and read about when your adorable Jack was almost "number free."

  4. I love your Jack stories too. I can relive my little boys. ;-) You're so right about "it won't be long"... did you see Charlotte Lyons post today. It has a sadness about it too, about how when they're grown and you hesitate to intrude. I'll have to think about that -- I think I'll just be barging in for a big ol' hug all the time. LOL

  5. the days slip away so quickly. enjoy them while they are small. they grow ever so fast.

  6. Jack's new quilt in progress is looking wonderful!

  7. I think this is the year for you to make a book of blog posts.

  8. My daughter has really aged this summer from a young 7 year old to a more mature 7 year old. While her growth is beautiful, it does leave a slight pang in my heart for that sweet young girl.....I'll be thinking of you on the 61 mile yard sale. I need lots of photos.

  9. Jack is getting so big and growing up so quickly it seems! I love hearing your stories, it makes me think a bit about someday my husband & I having kids of our own...

  10. I am noticing grown up signs from my busy 4 year old . Lately she is making her big girl bed,I decided she needed to learn this skill,and she has taken to it like thre proverbial duck to water.The imaginative play will only get more complex (and perhaps messier).My oldest (11) has lately been all huggy cuddly,I am beside myself with glee over this,as I know my days are numbered for this behavior for both of them!

  11. Love the photo of Jack, and the quilt looks amazing! Happy thrifting!

  12. Wow, Jack is doing great things! I remember when my DS started playing Red Light, Green Light. I thought it was funny to see him playing a game from my childhood.

    About the paint dilema - you could try posting on the message boards at Maybe someone out there has a Firefly paint chip. Another thought is to look through some old MSLs to see if there's an advert for her Kmart paints with your color on it.

  13. oh my gosh, Jack sounds so cute talking to his dandy! :)

  14. Fun post. Three is such a great age for boys but man, does it go fast or what?!? Philly is 3.5 next week. So good, so bad.

    Cheers! LA


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