Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sunday Dinner

I like to tell Clarice that we are going to live on take out pizza over here. (Clarice makes some wonderful things! Nothing like our cake mix standards over here.) Since time still feels very fleeting with my grandfather, we had a proper Sunday dinner with him today. Time to sit at the table together, watch an old movie together, read books together, and just enjoy whatever time there is left to be together.
I was working on the applique for this bunting flag while he was reading a book to Jack and I remembered his mother, my great grandmother was a seamstress. It's a shame I was too young to be interested in sewing while she was still alive. I am sure she had not only a lot of knowledg she could have taught me, but great stories to tell too. I wish I had a picture of her for this entry to share with you. She was a redhead like Jack.

It feels a bit strange to be working on a wool felt project when it is still hot here. The forecast for the next 2 weeks doesn't look much better. I've been hoping for a touch of autumn since I really need to start thinking about Jack's Halloween costume (owl?) and a theme for his "number free!" birthday (I am thinking numbers or letters this year) and oh so much more. Like camping! We really want to go camping, but that requires cool air and a break from those pesky mosquitos.

How is everyone else? Doing anything exciting? Have any good yard sale finds? (I am virtually treasureless for this week, a first in a long time!)


  1. Sounds like a perfect day to me! Good to hear that your Grandpa is doing a little better. That picture of him and Jack is priceless!

  2. Sounds like such a great day. :)

    I'll be sharing some great thrifting finds in the next day or two. I can't believe you don't have any to share.

  3. that is a super sweet picture of jack and your grandad. the heating is really taking it out of me these days. i am oh so much more productive in the cooler months!

  4. What a wonderful day! I love Sundays spent with family.

    The pickings have been slim in the thrift department around here too - I think everyone's on summer vacation for the last two weeks and there just hasn't been much donating and most of our garage sales have been young families without treasures.

    i was just thinking of Halloween too - thinking I'd better make up my mind what costumes to make so they get done in time!

  5. I'm glad you had such a relaxing day...sounds lovely.

    Hope you get some cooler weather soon...I am right there with you!

    (p.s. It's killing me not to go thrifting...KILLING me.) :)

  6. Glad to hear you had a fun time. These moments can be so rare when life comes at you fast... savor it. Most of the women in my family were into needlework in a heavy way- I inherited the gene and look forward to teaching Tiff to sew and knit and everything else. Even though that will be the last time I'll see any of my supplies until the day she moves out.

  7. Anonymous11:50 PM

    Hello there :) I'll take some of your heat... it's been typical washington weather here... which is usually a 50/50 chance of rain.
    Did you say Halloween.... sigh.

  8. Anonymous4:47 AM

    just trying to stay cool and praying for rain.....

  9. That is a sweet picture! I wish I could borrow your weather today. The high here is 63, and I have promised the kids a trip to our friends pool. I am pretty sure I won't be able to talk them out of it, so I am going to be one cold mama.

  10. Ohh Sarah, take-out pizza can be good. Just do not tell me it was domino's pizza ;-) I wish I was closer and could cook for all of you. How wonderful that you were able to have Sunday dinner with your grandfather.

    I have to tell you Sarah I thought of you, this weekend. I hit the jackpot garage sale. Tons of antiques for a quarter, fifty cents. Seventeen dollars later a box full of stuff and a large painting. But no table clothes.. She is going to put out more next weekend and I will be there. I never see sales like this. It was soo thrilling and I wish you had been there. But then we would have has to mud wrestle it out over things xoxoxo Clarice

  11. Sending big hugs to you and your family.

    I'm glad Jack is getting to spend time with your Grandfather. That is such a sweet picture.

  12. Sunday's just the way they should be - surrounded by family or friends! Next weekend I have Sunday dinner with friends which I am looking forward to!

    This weekend we had rain and an emotional day so Saturday wasn't the best but then I spent the evening in the company of good friends and all seemed right in the world again! It's amazing what a good laugh can do for the soul!

    You should come and visit Scotland for some cool air -if you can stand the rain :o)

  13. That is an adorable of Grandpa and Jack!

    Jack dressed up as an owl would be soooo darn cute!

    We went out thrifting, got some stuff but now it is so cloudy and rainy the light is not good to take pix. First its too hot, and now its too damp and rainy....LOL...can we please get some nice weather :)

  14. Thinking about you all and your Grandfather. Glad to hear that you have some calm family time.

  15. An owl sounds like a great halloween costume!

  16. What a sweet photo of your grandfather and Jack! Hope things cool off for you soon.


  17. Love your grandpa picture. I've often said how sad it is that we have to be separated from our family by years. Wouldn't it have been fun to be contemporaries of our grandmas and great-grandmas? To share our loves of family, sewing, homemaking, etc.


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