Sunday, September 23, 2007

Time off

In an effort to carve out a little more time to myself, I have been heading off junking alone on Saturday mornings while Jack and David go for bike rides or work on "projiks." It works out pretty well, since I leave early and get a good 4 or 5 hours to myself, but yesterday I was stuck in traffic for hours and I just plain missed my guys.

I did find some really spectacular treasures this weekend. These pottery candlesticks, which aren't that old, but are the perfect soft shade of robin's egg blue.
Awesome melamine dinnerware. The birds! The trees! The color! This is the platter...
and there were 5 dessert/salad sized plates also.
A pink feed sack with a cotton print. I will never, ever cut into this beauty. I think I am going to add some kind of edging and use it as a curtain over my back door window.
Back to the grind with me! (Although it hardly feels like work when it just looks so gorgeous on that clothesline.)


  1. Oh sarah! i love those plates. Honestly, I am really truely in love your plates.

    Did you get my email?

  2. Oooooh I LOVE LOVE LOVE the plates. They are amazing!

  3. Anonymous6:27 PM

    I love everything, of course! Esp. the feedsack! Hollyhocks

  4. Those plates, what a find!!! Everything else is amazing too :)

  5. Anonymous6:15 AM

    Your right that clothes line does look gorgeous.

  6. I can't believe I am saying this but I am starting to get tired of the Saturday grind of yard saling. Shhhh don't tell anyone as I wouldn't want to ruin my reputation :-) But then I'll be looking through my finds on Sunday afternoon wishing I had been out longer and anxiously waiting for the next yard sale. It's one of those love/hate relationships. All of your finds were so lovely. I especially love the powder blue candlesticks.

  7. Oh what lovely finds! I love those plates!

  8. Well, I'm liking the candlesticks. They are an example of "Who cares how old they're *not*?"

  9. LOVE the plates SOOO much Sarah!
    And I'm like you, I can hardly wait to come home to wash and hang my thrifty finds! Makes me smile!

    Oh and you know my little thrift store that I LOVE... well a while back I mentioned to them that I noticed their prices going up a bit and that I always loved that their prices were sooo much lower than Goodwill. Well, I went in the other day and they were all so excited to tell me that they lowered all the prices!! WOW! It "pays" to complain! I was sooo happy!

  10. The plates are FAB!

  11. Some nice finds. Sounds like a pretty good weekend.

  12. Love the candlesticks! Great color and shape.

  13. Anonymous4:07 AM

    What beauties. Those flowers hanging on the line are lovely.

  14. Anonymous6:30 PM

    Love the birds, the trees and esp. the color of the plates.
    I am going to start participating in your "Tablecloth Thursday" it sounds so FUN.
    I have mostly Christmas ones, I don't have as many as all of you have but it will be nice to blog about them.
    I will let you know when my blog is ready to link too.
    :) Bren


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