Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Grandiose ideas?

I had all sorts of grandiose ideas about this month's napping pillow. A tulle ruffle with satin trim, lots of hand applied sequins, etc. I got 2 lengths of the sequins applied to the witch hats while having to get up every 30 seconds to return Jack to his bed before I gave up on that idea and just sewed a square and stuffed a pillow into it. LOL

I debated not taking a photo of it, but this is my "Misadventures" blog, and there is a reason I chose that name! So, there you have it. The name of that fabric is "Pumpkin Party," and that made me laugh. I guess there will be a whole month of Pumpkin Parties around here.
I have decided that Jack will return to being an angel (cough, cough) if he has plenty of things to do during the day, so I have scheduled us to be as busy as a preschool around here. We are working on that Hooked on Phonics stuff (which is really helping his letter recognition) and doing loads of art "projiks". Today we did leaf rubbings.

I suspect this plan of mine is just another grandiose idea, however. Jack can walk 2 miles to the bookstore and still not take a nap, so this is likely to only make *me* be in severe need of a long nap. At least I will have a cute pillow to lay down with. LOL
At some point I bought this bag at a garage sale. It's a cute patchwork bag, but the shoulder fabric in one spot is almost nearly gone. I figured I could just replace that piece, but, let's be honest, I am just going to carry it as is. It will only be filled with fruit snacks and hot wheels and Thomas trains and rocks and sweet gum balls (from trees, not chewing gum) and grass flowers anyway, right? No need for grandiose ideas there.
And a thrifted cardboard church (or "castle" if you are Jack). Once again, I am filled with grandiose ideas about fixing it up and making it more special and so forth. Will I ever get to it? Who knows! At this point I would be happy to just get rid of the ants that have invaded the kitchen or to get the mailman to bring our mail to our house instead of the neighbor or to just figure out what to make for dinner!*

Happy Tuesday everyone!

*I had other grandiose ideas about using those Everyday Food magazines to make dinner this month. I got the subscription for free, and I have to say that after having made 5 or so recipes from it I am glad it was free. I really do not like that food and neither do Jack and Dave. I will be sticking to Rachel Ray, thankyouverymuchMarthaStewart.

**A note from the author of this blog: everything in this post was said in jest, including the note from the author. :-)


  1. I love the fabric on that pillow - it matches my cat. :) Leaf rubbings are huge in my world. I did them every year with my class, since most of them (in 2nd grade!) had never, ever done a rubbing. Good job, Mama!

  2. At least you're keeping a sense of humor about it all!

    BTW, I think you should make reservations for dinner. :)

  3. you make me laugh friend!! and the leaf rubbing are super cool!

  4. You are too funny!

    (cute pillow and church/castle)

  5. Mmmm...I love Racheal Ray! I've never been a big MS fan (dare I admit that on a craft blog?), but I've been hooked on Racheal Ray since we had free cable in student housing.

    And I'm thinking the same thing about Little P - ever since he started pre-school, he seems more restless at home - must need more to do!

  6. Your brutal honestly makes me giggle. I feel the same way about the MS recipes. I picked up a stack of the "Food" magazines at a garage sale for $1.00 and I think I paid too much!

  7. You know, I love to look at those Everyday Food mags... and I keep them around, but I rarely make anything from them. Sometimes, but not often. Your pillow is gorgeous!

  8. Ooh, I love that Halloween fabric! And don't worry about the loss of the sequins--they'll just make funny marks on your face when you sleep. :) The silver ones are cute, though!

    I've never been able to use that Everyday Food mag because unless they've changed it, I hate the format of the recipes! I want a list of the ingredients at the top so I can easily see if I have everything available, instead of all sprinkled throughout the instructions. Drives me nuts!

  9. Love the "castle!" Hope to find some of these myself someday. I have grandiose plans to make some paper houses this year. We'll see how that goes. LOL

  10. Anonymous9:44 AM

    lots and lots and lots of grandiose plans here too...but RARELY do any of them get done. I'm great at thinking stuff up...the execution of said stuff...not so much LOLOL...

    Love those leaf rubbings. They're a regular in our homeschool arsenal of boredom busters LOL

  11. Those leaf rubbings would look great in a collage :)

    I've just started getting hooked on Martha Stewart's show...it's on way too late for me to be watching it but I do anyway (12 am) on Style network. I picked up a bunch of her everyday food mags and have yet to make anything. Plans..aren't they wonderful :)


  12. those leaf rubbings are so cool. I'll have to try that with my little ones.

    and I LOVE that patchwork purse, but I am sure that comes as no surprise. ;)

  13. I think forgoing the satin and sequins was the right choice!Jack would have never laid down on such a sparkly treasure!!! Leaf rubbing's!!!! I totally forgot about those! I did them with my oldest and they were such fun!! I think the little petal and I will do some this afternoon!!!

  14. Oh I rember leaf rubbings! Somehow I dont think I can get my son (15now) to do that with me anymore. :-( lol

  15. Just crimp the strap and eliminate the worn out part. You could do it in a minute. I love the "castle" My daughter looks for those around here with no luck at all. When my daughter was Jack's age I finally had to resort to waking her up at 5:30 in the morning to get her to sleep later. I only had to do it for a couple of weeks.


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