Friday, October 26, 2007

On the fifth day of Halloween

The Great Pumpkin gave to me:
A nifty vintage blowmold pumpkin light, found early in the season at a thrift. I found the base first and thought it was a bummer that the hat was missing, but I was about to buy it anyway when I dug a little deeper and found the hat!
A great vintage (?) plastic treat bucket.
And another great vintage plastic treat bucket. This one has two faces, the treat side...
and the trick side. I think Dave found this one at a garage sale sometime this summer.

We also managed to find (finally!) The Peanuts Holiday Collection on DVD . We watched "It's the Great Pumpkin" and "You're Not Elected" with Jack while enjoying our first fire in the fireplace last night. Jack and I will be watching that Great Pumpkin every day now. It gave me enough time to pin a million feathers on one owl wing.

And I had one big "I laughed so hard I nearly wet my pants" laugh this morning while watching Martha. She very calmly informed us that her "craft department is on a very strict budget." Hahahahaha. Hohohohoho. Heeheeeheeehee. Is she kidding me? I love the gold cornucopias in this article , but each one requires 10 feet of lametta, which is $12 for 13 feet . Even if you only had 8 guests, you would be in for $100 worth of teeny, tiny cornucopias! (She mentioned this while making glow in the dark pumpkins. Made with glow in the dark powder that is more than $30 a lb.)

Uh-huh, strict budget.

(Each of my little treasures here cost less than a dollar. The treat buckets were a quarter each, the light up pumpkin was 80 cents. Now *that* is a budget, Martha.)


  1. Are you not VIP? The glow in dark powder is seriously discounted (all the way to $28.09/lb.) if you are very important!!! And, God love Martha, but she lies!

  2. Oh my gosh, I cannot believe she actually said that. A strict budget? So, when they pop down to Tinsel Trading or M & J Trimmings, they head to the clearance section first? Riiiiiight. Talk about being OUT OF TOUCH! Dang.

    Cool blow mold!

  3. Oh that Martha...She is just trying to look out for us little folk. Lol. I mean I love her, but "budget" doesn't really mean the same thing to her as it does to me I guess. BUT I love your thrifty Halloween - these are too cute!

  4. Great bargains.

    I watched a little bit of Martha today, but I must have missed that comment.

  5. love the retro pumpkin-y goodness...

    And why do I suspect that Martha's tight budget is a wee bit different from mine??? Oh - right! 'Cause I'm not a bazillionaire!

  6. hehe Yes, I would say that you know how to manage a good budget! You find the best deals ever! :)

  7. i am just glad that i was not the only one with that reaction this morning! thrifted is more work, but ALWAYS better!

  8. Cute stuff Sarah. Poor Martha. Ya gotta love her, but she sure doesn't relate well to us simple folk. I finally had to stop recording the show because watching her try to make chitchat with the audience causes me squirmy pain. Poor thing!

  9. Yep, Martha cracks me up too. Isn't her comment a hoot? You know what I mean, a real Halloween Hoot!

  10. Oh, right. The craft department on a limited budget. That must mean that the little people are wanting a raise so they'll be making a dollar more than minimum wage. And, well, you have to cut back somewhere when you face mutiny.

    You've been lucky finding vintage Halloween! Those are pretty cool!

  11. Love the pumpkins. What is Jack dressing up as. Griffin chose Spiderman. I thought I could escape the super hero thing, no way!

  12. That's too funny -- I would have been laughing out loud too! Martha's pretty funny, she'll be talking about something and often I think to myself "Martha, you just have no clue how real people live." Oh well. Your pumpkins are adorable -- you have the best finds!

  13. I had the same reaction to Martha's comment! N. likes to watch the show with me and many times wants to make some of the same projects. I could spend a small fortune on some of the supplies!

  14. Anonymous3:21 PM

    I wish Martha was on my budget, now that's a budget.
    When she talks about how budget friendly her crafts are I have to laugh.
    Did you see the pumpkin snake she did on her special the other night?
    There were 17 PUMPKINS used. That would be about $5 X 17= $85 and several were HUGE!!
    For something that is going to last a couple of weeks? Or nights even? Nope.
    :) Bren

  15. I choked on laughter then too, but she did redeem herself in my eyes later in the show. There was a girl who was asking how to get her fiance more involved in wedding planning and Martha wisely said, "Don't." I wish someone had given me that sage advice while I was in wedding mode!


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