Tuesday, October 30, 2007

On the ninth day of Halloween

Ah, we are down to the wire with Halloween. Time to start carving the pumpkins, getting out the candy, and putting up decorations that the hoodlums can't steal!

The Great Pumpkin gave to me:
One preschooler (I guess Jack is a preschooler now, right? He is hardly a toddler anymore.) that declared pumpkin guts to be "cheese" and then spent a good hour playing in them. Last year he said that "they smelled." (Look at how babyish he looked last year!)

I've gotten the HUGE white pumpkin hollowed out, only 12 more to go, lol. Those guts are going on the compost heap, maybe next year we will actually get a pumpkin, unlike this year where they all died.
One mega creepy old mannequin hand.

This thing was in that pink bushel basket I bought over the summer. I was going to toss it, but thought better of it. It resides in my Halloween cabinet of curiosities* at the moment, but man does it give me the creeps. The fingernails on this thing are the worst.
A fun two faced Halloween flashlight. I actually prefer the trick face...
to the treat face.
A gooey eyeball in an old eye wash glass.

I picked up the eye wash glass at a yard sale for a dime. When I saw it the biologist in me went "Hey, way cool!" and I bought it having no clue what to use it for. Turns out it is also great for the cabinet of curiosities. (As a small side note, I rarely ever feel like a "biologist" anymore. It's a little weird that that part of me is fading.)

*I use my china cabinet for holiday displays. It keeps all the little things grouped together, dust free and out of reach of kid fingers. I don't know why I didn't think of before Jack was born though, because it makes for really cool holiday displays. There is an interesting wikipedia article on cabinet of curiosities , in case you are curious.

P.S. Ya'll are making me nervous about the Halloween costume. What if it sucks? :-)


  1. How did you know that was an eye wash glass? I would have thought it was an egg cup. LOL I bet your cabinet looks neat! I have to use both my china cabinet and my curio cabinet for holiday stuff, because 1) they're the only horizontal display space I have and 2) nothing would survive the toddler onslaught otherwise.

    The hand reminds me of Thing from the Addams Family. :)

  2. Anonymous2:26 PM

    Looks like you are getting all ready. Jack will have a great time Im sure. My 3 yr. old grandbaby can't wait.

  3. Anonymous9:25 PM

    What a cool hand. Very creepy with those nails! It's perfect for Halloween.

  4. Just wanted to let you know I'm really enjoying your days of Halloween! Such cool things!

  5. I agree with you; that hand is seriously creepy. I'm not sure I could keep it. :)

  6. Anonymous12:33 AM

    I can't believe that Jack plays with pumpkin guts! Yuck! I agree with his two year-old assessment LOL!

    Pumpkins in my part of the world are green. The orange ones are imported from somewhere ...

  7. We saw white pumpkins at the blind babies foundation event last Saturday. Next to the orange pumpkins. Apparently they're genetically engineered to be completely white inside and out- I've heard of such things but it was something else to see. Also weird: there were pumpkins available for sale that were bigger than my toddler! I keep thinking she's big for her age, but I guess I'm still living in the past.

  8. The mannequin hand is creepy, but effective for the holiday.

    And, the biologist in me thinks the eye wash glass is cool too! Love that you put a gooey eyeball in it. :p


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