Thursday, October 04, 2007

Tablecloth Thursday

Have I mentioned how tired I am of those mosquitoes yet? LOL I keep seeing all of your blogs with falling leaves and snowflakes and other lovely things and here it is still 90+ degrees and the mosquitoes are still in full force. Hurry fall, hurry!

A few weekends ago I got an email from the lovely Kristi which said she had stumbled upon a yard sale full of tablecloths. (Now that would be heaven for me!) She sent me this one as a gift, and I am so touched by her kindness! I squealed like a kid at Christmas when I saw it, and it went right onto the kitchen table.
This one is a bit of a mystery to me. I don't even remember acquiring it, but it was in my drawer so I clearly own it. So much for that mind like an elephant thing I am always trying to make my husband believe.
And a bit of an odd duck, because this entire cloth is pink. (It really did not photograph very well, and it has been on the blog before.) It must have some rayon in it, because it is also wrinkly, wrinkly, wrinkly! But really, ironing the tablecloth? Who does that? Clearly not me. I will only iron for sewing, and only when it is vitally important.

I think the only other tablecloth I have seen around blogland today is at Brenda's Little Cottage . Although, Sweet Jessie had a few up yesterday, including the very same brown cloth I featured last week. I was quite surprised to see it, since it is so rare for me to see the same tablecloth twice.

Back to sewing on a quilt binding for that quilt for Jack, that number free burfday is creeping up quickly, and I have a lot of (super slow) hand sewing to do! Happy Tablecloth Thursday everyone.


  1. I just put up a (very wrinkly) tablecloth post. Ironing? Pffffftttt.

  2. Oh no. No ironing. Isnt that what dryers are for? :)

  3. Anonymous11:33 PM

    You have some real vintage beauties in your tablecloth collection. I especially love the one that you removed the rust from!
    I collect too, but don't have a whole lot because I rarely find them & ebay is just too expensive. Just the other day I almost didn't stop at the Salvation Army thrift store - so glad I did because I found 3 wonderful vintage cloths. At least, I think they are vintage because they feel soft. They are a light weight so it is difficult to tell. One is definitely vintage since it is a VERA Christmas cloth. I was ecstatic when the cost came to a total of $3!! Anyway, it is very rare to find nice old tablecloths at the thrift store & I never see any vintage cloths at yard sales.
    I'm definitely gonna try your stain remover remedies. I am not bothered by little imperfections or stains, they are still beautiful & fun. I also have difficulty cutting unless it just is too far gone & then I use them for decorating (one is my lampshade cover).
    And, here's a side note about bleaching. I picked up a couple fabric chair pad covers for our outdoor wicker at the Goodwill & since they were half sun faded & dirty I just threw the covers in the wash & soaked with bleach for a while. Wow. They came out in a pretty very light shabby chic aqua/pink/yellow...I like 'em much more. :)

  4. You and me both about those mosquitoes! Did you read about my experience w/mosquitoes last week? :)


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