Monday, October 15, 2007

To remember

A few conversations in the backyard with Jack:

Mom, what's wrong with my diaper?
There's something wrong with your diaper?
I just peed in the dirt.
(Sure enough, his clothes were soaking wet, but I still have no idea what happened there, the diaper was dry.)

I found a baby egg!
You did? Let me see it.
(He comes over carrying something which I swear was rabbit poop.)
Jack, that isn't an egg.
It isn't?
No, it's poop.
That's not poop!

Mom, I am scared of those dead bats over there.
Dead bats? Where did you find dead bats?
Over there.
Show me.
(He takes me over to a withered weed hanging off the fence.)
Jack, those are weeds not bats.

(Dragging a hose all over the yard, he asks if he can drag the yellow hose too.)
No, Jack, you can't drag the yellow hose around the sandbox, it is hooked up to the faucet.
Oh, well where are the hookers?



  1. Anonymous5:12 PM

    baaa ha ha ha out of the mouth of babes...they all made me chuckle...he's so funny...hit personality reminds me so much of our little Olivia. Hope you are having a great Monday!

  2. Oohhhhh my goodness! He cracks me up!! I must borrow him some time for a little pick me up!

  3. Oh my goodness, I just love the way children think. So funny. Clarice

  4. How funny, where are the hookers. How soon kids grow up! Ha ha ha.

  5. Funny little guy.

    I will never understand how a diaper can be dry and everything else is wet or poopy!

  6. Anonymous4:25 AM

    Oh, this age is so interesting, conversation-wise! If you ever figure out what the diaper malfunction was, let us all know, okay?

  7. Very funny. The hooker one reminded me of a conversation I had with N.

    "Mommy, where are the hookers?"
    "You know, the hookers. We need hookers to hang my picture."

    Off I went to get the picture hanging kit and to explain that the contents are not called hookers. :)

  8. What an adorable little guy!

    Did the conversation about the dead bats about give you a heart attack? I would have been freaking out that there really were dead bats (and scared of rabies)...

  9. hahah soooo cute!

    I'm dying at the hookers comment

  10. I sure like Jack's view of the world. :)

  11. Thanks for making me smile! Little kids just crack me up sometimes.

  12. How cute are kids! They really do say the funniest things!!

  13. Gorgeous, smoochie little man! You know, I can still remember, I must have been 5 or 6 taking a wad of what I thought was "clay" inside to show my parents. Alas, it was a pile of poop, and I was horrified. Ah discovery :-)

  14. Don't they say the funniest things!
    Griffin tells a knock knock joke, that makes no sense whatsoever, but it cracks him up. Have a great day.


  15. We still talk about cute stuff like this over the dinner table at family gatherings. GReat for embarrassing young men when their girlfriends are over.

  16. This reminds me about a book I heard about on the radio. A father wrote down all the silly questions his son asked and then tried to answer them with legit research - pretty interesting stuff. Here's the link on Amazon: (or here) - it's called "Can I cook my sister"

  17. Ahhhahahaha! Too stinken' funny! Thanks for the laugh. I needed it. He's a funny little man that Jack!


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