Sunday, November 25, 2007

Cabin Fever

Oh man. We have all been in this house together pretty much nonstop since Tuesday night. That's a long time and I am getting a lot done, but I am also getting cabin fever already! It's cold and rainy and I really wish it would snow already.

One of the things I made were these button candy canes. Cute, easy and a great way to use piles and piles of buttons.
I threaded the buttons on 24 gauge beading wire, then just bent them into shape. I think I might have Jack make some on paper. (Although, he could thread them onto the wire....hmmmm.)

I fixed the wreath too, and as soon as the glue dries I will update the pictures.

What has everyone else been up to? Did you brave the crowds on Black Friday? Dave and Jack went to the big train expo yesterday and apparently they had to wait in line for 30 minutes just to get in! I guess kids + train love is universal. :-)


  1. Love those candy canes, great idea.
    We had a great holiday as well.

  2. Cute! Cute! Cute! Love them!

  3. Well that is pretty lovely cabin fever. xoxox Clarice-wh is covered in glitter

  4. I hover inside on Black Friday, can't stand the thought of those manic crowds! Yesterday, my husband and I took Ibby to see Mr. Magorium's... it was fantastic, so magical :)

  5. Anonymous3:57 PM

    Those candy canes are so cute!

    I'm getting a little cabin fever myself after being cooped up for the past several days. :) I sure could use a day of shopping!

  6. these candy canes are oozing with cuteness. i've been looking for a cute, easy xmas ornament to top the presents this year. this may be a winner!

  7. Loving those candy canes...what a great to try it!!!

  8. The candy canes are awesome! We have had company all weekend, but I did sneak out pretty early (7) to got to Joann's to get some stuff at 50% off. I am mostly done with Christmas, but I think I will hit the mall soon to get some new clothes for me on sale. Hope it snows soon. At least then Jack can burn off some energy playing outside!

  9. They are 40 inches wide, 74 long. I was thinking I could use them to trim other solid curtains later, or a tablecloth. Worst case scenerio, I'll just save them!

  10. Great ideas. I love the buttons and the wreath. I gotta get me some crafting. We woke up sick this morning which is good for staying home and crafting! (I'm trying to look on the bright side of things! Haha.)


  11. Adorable! almost makes me want to clean up my craft room so I can find my stash of buttons.On second thought- maybe I'll just go buy more

  12. Anonymous4:55 PM

    Just found your site and I love all your wonderful ideas! Was struck by one of your lines about people wondering what you do with all the things you buy (or thift!) and I laughed! I get that question all the time and then the askers are usually surprised by what gets created! Thanks for your site - you're my newest bookmark!


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