Sunday, November 18, 2007

A chilly market

Our weather is crazy right now. Some days are so warm you can wear shorts, other days are so cold you need coats. Yesterday was warm, today it is freezing! I went to the flea market anyway. Most folks around here wait until really late in the season to bring their Christmas stuff to the market, so this is my best chance at adding to my collection.

There were more vendors than I expected, but not too many treasures. (And I have been thrifting lately too, or attempting to. I don't think I have found a single thing in the thrifts for nearly 2 months.) I managed to dig up a box of ornaments, 4 of them are plastic, and none of them have caps. No worries though, I always keep the caps off the ones that get broken every year, and stripes are my favorite.
I also found a box of old Nativity figurines. I have about 60 of these that I picked up when I lived in Florida, but none of my angels are freestanding (they all are meant to hang from the top of the creche), so I was excited to find freestanding angels. And a pink one to boot! And a baby Jesus* that isn't part of a molded manger is a new find for me also.
I picked up this runner because I adore the old owl fabric. I figured I would use the fabric for a different project when Halloween rolls around next year, but when I was looking at it in the car it occurred to me how strange the juxtaposition of the owl fabric and that crochet border are. (I hope that is crochet, eek.) Maybe I won't cut it up after all?

Ok, off to finish that mystery WIP!

*That reminded me that for Jack's very first Christmas we were asked if he could be the baby Jesus in the church Christmas program. Of course I said yes, but can you just imagine that my now crazy 3 year old was the sweet baby Jesus just 3 years ago? LOL I think he slept through the whole thing, even while everyone came "to adore him"!


  1. It's so funny that you posted ornaments and pieces of a nativity set. Last weekend, I thrifted a box of ornaments and my Mom gave us the vintage nativity set that belonged to my grandparents. I'll have to post a photo once I figure out where to set it up.

    I bet Jack was adorable sleeping so sweetly in the manger.

  2. What is it with you and owls lately? lol -- I love it!

  3. I LOVE that owl runner, please don't cut it! Trust me, as a crochet person, that's a lot of hard work(and it is cute).

    I'm stayin' out of the thrift stores for now even though most of my ornaments are crap. Yesterday about 2/3 of them went into the trash. The kids and I will be breaking out the felt, glitter, glue, and googly eyes soon to make some replacements though.

  4. oooh love the finds!

  5. I'd keep that owl table runner just as it is! SO CUTE!!!
    Great Christmas finds too!

  6. I love to collect navity sets. Your pink angel is so nice. Mary

  7. Anonymous5:40 AM

    I love finding neat treasure but we have a one year old so I don't thrift often. Do you worry about lead paint items with your little one around? How do you determine what's a "safe" buy and what he can or can't play with or help with?

  8. Four of those balls are plastic? I sure can't tell the difference from the picture!

    Love the owl fabric, too.

    Sweet, baby Jack. What a nice memory.

  9. OOh- how cute is that owl fabric! love the nativity! what great finds!!

    kari & kijsa

  10. It is so mind blowing to me how fast kids grow and change. The difference in one year...

    Now me, I would cut the owl fabric and carefully save the crochet edges for another project too.

  11. L-O-V-E the owl fabric. Hey, nice new banner you got there.

  12. Oh such goodies!!! I will begin to share some x-massy finds from last week,next week! I LOVE that owlie runner,ESPECIALLY with the crochet,a perfect runner for you at Halloween ,it seems to me!
    I do the neighborhood nativity every year too!

  13. Love the owl runner/fabric! I have to admit I would be a bit tempted to cut it up, but it is kind of cool w/the crochet (?) border too.

  14. Lovely finds! And yes, that is crocheted edging. :)

    I just put my finger through one of my favorite West German galss ornaments and dropped a whole box of glass ornaments I found at a thrifty this summer. Sigh. It's not been safe for glass in my house lately.

    Love your holiday quilt! I wish I could do that!!

  15. Anonymous1:17 PM

    I LOVE the owl runner! It is so sweet!


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