Monday, November 05, 2007

Downhill and quickly

Oh my. Just when I thought I would get a break things got a little crazy. We weren't able to go camping because it is just so cold at night (in the 30's right now). We thought we had found a nice little cabin we could rent for the night, but they were closed already for the winter. So we took Jack to a local conservation area instead. We saw honeybee hives, played in their tree house, and walked in the woods. Not camping, but, a chance to be where it was quiet for a few hours.

Yesterday I went to the flea market (by myself for a change) and while I was gone Dave accidentally punctured the refrigerator coil on our 1950's Frigidaire! Sadly I am not the least bit sure we can repair it, and after nearly 60 years of continuous service it may be on it's way to the recycling center.

Perhaps it can join the tires on the van which we discovered were shredded on the inside when we went to change what we thought was a flat? (I am very lucky and very thankful I did not have that tire blow out on the highway yesterday.)
Once things start going downhill it all seems to happen rather quickly, doesn't it?

Anyway, we bought this armoire at the 127 sale in August. It was our big purchase on the trip, and we paid $125 for it. It has been sitting in our very, very messy garage since then while I hunted for wallpaper for it. I have an inspiration picture of an armoire with wallpaper on the drawer fronts that I tore out many moons ago and I was determined to get that look on an armoire for our bedroom.
Back when I posted gobs of vintage seam binding, the lovely Jen Duncan asked if I would be interested in a little swap for some of it. She offered some of her gorgeous wallpapers, and I jumped at the chance.

She helped me pick out one that would look good on the old beast, and somewhere in the midst of birthday parties and Halloween I managed to get the new paint and paper on it. It looks gorgeous and is just what I wanted*, but it is a little too big for that spot. Rearranging might be required, but not until after Christmas!**

*The sole reason I wanted an armoire in our bedroom was to hide the television inside of it. It turns out that you cannot actually see the television if it is that low because our bed is gigantic. You win some, you lose some. :-)

**I hereby solemnly swear to not undertake any ginormous projects until after Christmas. I need a chance to breathe and my sewing room is a bloody disaster already.


  1. You did a beautiful job on the armoire !! It's gorgeous:))) I love the pics you have shown of your bedroom! It's so pretty and soft. Looks like a good place to rest your head ;)


  2. Sarah! It's just beautiful! Too bad you think it's too big for the spot -- guess you'll just have to have a blog giveaway! LOL!

  3. It's gogeous! You did a great job on the armoire facelift. I second Thimbleanna, although you'll probably have to ask the winner to pay for postage. LOL!

  4. Anonymous6:26 PM

    Sarah ~ What a beautiful armoire! I loved it before I even saw the "after" picture. That's a great find, and you did an awesome job on it. The wallpaper is so pretty.

    And we are in desperate need of new tires over here. Our back ones sound the same as yours - you can see wires...a little scary!! We only noticed it a day before we went on our six hour round-trip, this past weekend. Needless to say, I was a bit nervous.

  5. Oh my, I LOVE the armoire! It is just beautiful. You need to find some neat old skeleton keys to put in the locks with tassels or ribbons hanging from them. :)

  6. Anonymous1:03 AM

    Oh no! Your fridge! I really do hope it's fixable!

    I love the armoire, even if the tv doesn't fit right!

  7. The armoire looks great!! That how it happens over here, one thing goes and then it is like a domino effect. Have a great week.

  8. The armoire is perfection!

  9. The armoire is lovely.

    Sorry to hear about so many bad things happening with your fridge and tires (and camping). You were very lucky you didn't have a blowout.

  10. WOWEE on the armoire Sarah! Beautiful work, I must say! So did you do wet or dry glue? Well, it looks fabulous, and you may even get used to it being in there. Thanks for showing us!

  11. I love the Armoire, it looks so fabulous!

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  13. IF your vintage fridge is not saveable, and its cute, keep it and use it for pantry space! Or sewing items or whatever! If you look on my blog archives, i have a pic of my vintage red fridge. Its my pantry! Rosemary

  14. Ugh, sorry about the fridge. :( The armoir turned out beautifuly! You really did a fab job and I know it was driving you crazy.

    Jack looked ADORABLE! The costume is amazing as I know it would be. So sad I missed the quilt giveaway LOL

  15. The armoire looks beautiful! You did a wonderful job redoing it!

  16. OK. I printed the picture of your armoire. My cousin called yesterday and said she had one under her carport I could have if I'd just come get it. Don't know what it looks like, but I suspect it's very similar to yours. Now I know what I can do to it to make it pretty!

  17. Anonymous3:40 PM

    Grrr blogger lost my post..

    I love the armoire especially he wallpaper. It was given me an idea for a glass doored bookcase I have that needs putting back into action. Wallpaper would look great in the back.

    Sorry about the fridge - I second the suggestion to make it into a groovy cupboard.


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