Friday, November 23, 2007

Jingle Jingle Jingle

Well hello again. I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving. As soon as we were done feasting I started working on some of the projects on my "need to make for gifts" list and my "my dying to make this cuteness" list. Expect to see lots of crafting around here this week!

I saw tulle wreaths in Mary's shop Oh Merci and it was love at first sight. I have gobs and gobs of pink tulle leftover from our wedding, and this is a great way to use it up.
I love, love the fluffiness of the tulle but I am not entirely happy with the corsage at the bottom and I need to find a better way to make the letters stick. Right now they are held on with glue dots, but maybe someone out there has a better idea? EDITED: Ok, much better now! The brooch pins work really well to hold the letters on, and I like the reflectors with the glass balls better than the previous adornment at the bottom!

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving to everyone! I will be back tomorrow with a cute button craft.


  1. I love that! Maybe spray adhesive would work?

  2. How great and inspiring! Now I am going to be on the tulle hunt... Could you brooch pins to the backs of the letters and pin them on? So cute!

  3. How cool, I've been going to more commercial sites saving pics of wreaths thinking someday I'll make a post about different kinds of wreaths. I wasn't sure how to search for them on blogs, which is where I'd rather find them, because I'm sure "real" people have the most creative ideas! Like this! Is there any way to attach wire to the back of the letter securely and then wire them onto the wreath? Can you then add silver jingle bells around the wreath or make a little bell corsagey thing to put in that corner? When you are happy with it, can I use a pic on my blog (in case I ever do that post)? I of course would give you total credit and link to your blog

    BTW I received your card today! Thanks so much, it is so cute I'm going to save it for decor for next year!!

  4. Cute. I hadn't seen anything like that before.

  5. Anonymous6:33 AM

    This is so lovely!! I love pink for christmas!!

  6. Oh I love it. It would be perfect for my pink Christmas. I my have to barrow your idea !!! larice

  7. OH My! I really, really, super, duper, uber love it! Went to the etsy link, they are all gone, I hope there is more : ) Hope you had a happ thanksgiving!

  8. If it was me, I would try and stick pins straight through them and into the wreath. If you use plain silver pins you wouldn't even be able to see them. That wreath is gorgeous, I never thought to use tulle.

  9. I am SO going to make this wreath! How wonderful! I think I might try to tea stain some ivory tulle... or somehow incorporate my Ivory wedding veil or the headpiece (which now sits in a box)

    You always inspire me!

  10. That is such a cute wreath!

  11. Anonymous4:27 AM

    Love the wreath! Definitely want to make one for my daughter's room. I, too, have tons of leftover tulle...LOL!

    Would you be so kind to share how you did it?

    With friendship,

  12. Anonymous4:59 PM

    Hi Sarah!
    I just found this one and ADORE the pink tulle! I have at least 20 yards of it (valentine's 5 years ago don't you know!) How did you make the wreath? I have a round form and am making a ribbon wreath. I can email you pics of that but this tulle one would be heaven for my three girls.

    I too would love to know how you made the tulle cooperate. Thank you SO much!

  13. love the tulle weaths from my childhood. could you please give detailed instructions on how to make. i want to make one for christmas and a heart shaped one for valintine day... you can email me at thank you ....


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