Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas decor and conversations with Jack

(The mantle in our bedroom, complete with tree toppers, snowmen, glass bead garlands and more.) A few conversations with Jack for posterity:

While driving around looking at Christmas lights, "Oh man, those freaking blue lights are terrible." LOL
(My favorite thing, my blue door, with a gorgeous Peace on Earth embroidery I picked up at a yard sale this summer.)

"Mom, the baby Jesus likes cake. I am going to give the baby Jesus a cake and the baby Jesus will think it is great!" (Birthdays equal cake for a three year old.)
(The bedroom armoire. My beautiful violet watercolor, glass glitter church and tree, and the Christmas tree I found in Kansas this summer.)

"Mom, is it soggy outside?"
"Yes, it is foggy."
"It's humid."
"Why is it humid?"
"There is a warm front here right now."
"Why is there a warm front?"
"The jet stream."
"What is the jet stream?"
"What makes wind?"
"The earth's rotation."
"Why does the earth have rotation?"
"Well, sort of because of gravity."
"What's gravity?"
"It holds everything on the earth."
"Oh, Jack, because the universe said so." (At that point I realized the conversation might never end!)

At least the science questions are easy for me to answer, eh? I am in big trouble if he starts asking me history questions.

Like everyone else, I am scrambling a bit to get everything finished. The presents need to be wrapped, the laundry really needs to be done, I still need to make Jack's pajamas and one of Dave's presents, and we are squeezing in the Santa Claus parade tomorrow.

Only 3 more sleeps until Santa arrives! Ho ho ho!


  1. Sometimes it pays not to answer too many questions - sometimes they never stop. Mind you, you can have some fun conversations with 3 year olds.
    Love the decorations.

  2. I'm jealous you have a mantle in your bedroom. Will be even more jealous if you have a working fireplace in your bedroom. How dreamy!

    And by the way, three year olds aren't the only one that thinks the Baby Jesus needs cake on His birthday (see #23). We all used to roll your eyes, but I miss that tradition a bit.

  3. What lovely decoratins! A mantle in the bedroom... I have a working fireplace in our living room, but always see great old mantles and wish I had somewhere to put them... Now I know! Our room! I wish you were here to answer the science questions - I could cover history for yoU! Merry Christmas!

  4. I love all of your vintage Christmas decorations - and of course the mantle and blue door!

    I hope to find a similar mantle someday. We don't have a real fireplace in our room, but I've always wanted a small crackled-paint covered mantle!

  5. Oh! And I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas! {In case I don't get a chance to hop on here before then.} :)

  6. Sounds an awful lot like conversations with my DS. I can imagine a big sigh with the "Oh, Jack...".

    As for Christmas, I'm behind, but also in total denial. That's why I'm reading blogs! :)

  7. Great decorations! Love the blue door AND the fact you have a mantle in your bedroom! My bedroom is sooo not decorated nicely, I really need to add some nice stuff to it.

    Your conversation with Jack reminded me of Josh and I playing name that tune in the car recently. I started singing a line in "We Wish You a Merry Christmas"....and Josh replies back, "Mom, "Bring Me Some Friggin' Pudding????!!!" LOL

  8. Your mantle is so beautiful! And I love the blue door.

    I've had some of those conversations myself. It's always fun to read about what Jack is saying. :)

  9. Jack is such a sweetie pie. Love your home ofcourse. Great finds !!! Clarice

  10. Beautiful decorations!

    We *always* have a birthday party for Jesus on Christmas. We decorate with red/green streamers and balloons and have cake after dinner. We sing Happy Birthday and light candles on the cake and everything.

    It's my favorite tradition. :)

  11. Anonymous8:32 AM

    I love all your vintage decorations! They are so beautiful! Sounds like Jack is in the "question age", thats a challenge ;-) Good luck answering ;-)

  12. I'd say you might need to add "bake cake" to that list of yours lol! Your bedroom is soo pretty!

  13. hahahaha, Jack is hilarious. (James says "flippin") :) Better than the alternative, right?

    I adore all your old stuff. Especially that glittery church and the Peace on Earth piece. So lovely.

    Merry Christmas!!

  14. I am loving that blue door!

  15. So funny all those questions~!
    THanks for the link to the tractor cake! I'll see what I can come up with... might end up with a bale of hay!
    Have a wonderful Christmas!

  16. Gorgeous! I love that mantel and all of the decorations. Awesome blue door too.

  17. You need to learn the art of the answer "just because..." LOL I loved that story. I've had many "endless" conversations with my kids.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  18. Merry Christmas :)

  19. Love your decorations! Your check arrived for the felt. Thanks. HOpe you and your family have a great holiday.

  20. Merry Christmas Sarah! To you and your sweet family!


    p.s. that blue door is heavenly!!!


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