Sunday, December 02, 2007

In the forest

I'm not sure how I managed to be so quiet for so long around here, things have been moving along towards Christmas here all week and I think I lost steam around Thursday.

I was doing a little blog hopping last week, visiting new to me blogs, and I saw a tutorial for paper clay mushrooms at The Fabled Needle that I had to try. These things come together in a matter of minutes, and they do look like the hard to come by spun cotton version. I am hoping to put together a millinery fruit tree, and they will join the fruit I think.
We woke up to 65 degree temperatures this morning, so off to the flea market we trotted. I actually love the flea market this time of year, very small crowds, very small amount of vendors and I usually find the best stuff then. These are two small gorgeous blue feather trees. Love them. Feather trees are so darn expensive, and these were a real bargain.

I've had a few questions about how I did the tulle wreath (Holley, I can't figure out how to email you, can you email me through my profile?). There really wasn't much magic or much precision (sorry about that, I tend to just do the Tim Gunn "make it work" thing). But here is a rough idea of what I did. My tulle was already cut into strips about 8 inches wide because we had tied it on folding chairs at our wedding, so I just cut those strips into 4 or 5 inch long pieces. (So the pieces are 8 inches wide by 4 inches long). I tied them all with a slip knot to a wire wreath form, the kind that have 4 rings of wire that you buy at Michaels for less than $3 bucks. It's a little bit easier if the bias of the tulle runs the 8 inch length of the strips, but you don't really need to make it that complicated. Many, many pieces later you have a wreath.

If you are still stumped, let me know. Have a lovely, relaxing, laundry free (yea right!) Sunday everyone!


  1. Your Mom's quilt and those candy canes are fabulous. I'd never be able to part with the quilt, though. Just too cozy and cute!

  2. Hey! Those paper clay shrooms are too clever. Thanks for the link~!

  3. Thanks for the link! I love all things red and white!

  4. Those 'shrooms are really cute. You did a fantastic job with them!

  5. Anonymous6:16 AM

    How tall are the feather trees? I've never seen anything like them before!

  6. Anonymous6:17 AM

    That was me! I can't read the blogger menus anymore - the text is all in Thai!

  7. Adorable! These are definately going on my January list (which is growing and growing . . .)

  8. look at those darling mushrooms! So sweet...

    And what a score with the blue feather trees - they are positively delicious!


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