Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Making mischief

I still feel a bit like we are riding a too fast rocket ship towards Christmas, but when I saw the pattern for the Christmas pixie at Chickpea Sewing Studio , I just knew I had to stop everything and make one.

My husband grew up in a house with Nisse Men and I have been looking for a pattern for one for ages. The ears are still annoyingly off (one pointing up, one not so much), but he is a cute little bugger. When I was digging through my fabric I spotted the gingerbread man fabric* and knew I had to use it instead of the red ticking. Jack is all about gingerbread right now, asking for "gingers" (gingerbread cookies) every day.
I keep feeling like I should have shared some of our Christmas decorations by now, but they are so hard to photograph that I am avoiding it. LOL

This is the small tree in our living room. (Which actually houses 3 small trees instead of one large one.) I went crazy over the Martha Stewart K-Mart stuff this year, particularly the festive confections collection. My sweet husband bought me one of everything way back in October.

Yes, the tree topper is crooked. My trees themselves are vintage trees, so they are a little off kilter sometimes. The poor topper already acquired a hole from an unfortunate accident this year, so crooked it is.
Glass balls, glass candy canes in yummy pastel shades, glass glitter stars, those adorable tiny cakes, gorgeous striped bows, bead garland, porcelain cookies, and pink velvet strawberries, made just for me by Tiff .

I really love this tree this year.
This old paper mache Santa always makes me happy every year. I really love getting out the Christmas stuff, revisiting forgotten treasure and being able to display the newly collected stuff too.

We bought our real tree yesterday, and I hear Jack downstairs redecorating it now, he wants to hang every single ornament on one branch! I had better go supervise my little mischief maker...

*You can click to enlarge to see it better. I think I got that fabric at Hancocks this summer, part of their feedsack reproduction line.


  1. Dear Sarah,
    Please feel free to add your Tomte to our Flickr group at http://www.flickr.com/groups/602626@N21/
    If you have trouble you can just email me the picture.

  2. Oh I love it, crooked topper and all. Clarice

  3. The Tomte is so cute.I just love that fabric. I think I'm going to take a look at my fabric and try my hand at making one.

    Well at least Jack love his gingers lol I don't like ginger bread much either lol. Bear just had to have them . I don't think we even have a ginger bread man in our cookie cutter stash. Maybe I'll love for one tomorrow.

  4. I love your white tree with all of the gorgeous ornaments and garland on it. And that Santa is a real treasure!

  5. I love everything! Your tree is gorgeous. My tree has been "rearranged" so many times this year, I have just about given up on it. The lower branches are all bare now, thanks to Braeden.

  6. Your Christmas pixie is sooo cute! What a great pattern, maybe I will have to make one...next year ;)

  7. The pixie is perfect! Love that you found a pattern for something reminiscent of hubby's childhood. Sweet!

  8. See! Another great post that integrates the stage of Jack with your crafting. Years from now, that little Tomte will remind you of the Christmas Jack like gingerbread men. So sweet!

  9. Love that little guy!

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  10. Super cute tomte!!! :)

    By the way, I love the picture of Jack and Santa. I would have to say it was worth every penny you spent; too cute!

  11. I love the tree. Merry Christmas

  12. Too cute! I just may get my act together and make one of those. The spare room has been unburied a bit. Crafting might resume.

  13. lovely tree- it's so pretty!

  14. Love your little white tree...how sweet! It is lovely and looks so Christmasy!

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

  15. It looks so festive! Your choice of colors are grand! Dianntha

  16. Love the pictures. I hope that you have a wonderfuol holiday. Jack I am sure will receive a good visit from santa!

  17. Anonymous11:33 PM

    I hear you have started a Flickr group to put all our bleached bottlebrush trees that we dyed, that's a great idea.

    Also, I am having a "GIVEAWAY" on my blog, PLEASE HELP ME SPREAD the word.....

    :) Bren


  18. Happy holidays Sarah
    it all looks so lovely,my X-mas decor went on a diet this year,with my busy schedule! I guess that means it will be super exciting to get it all out next year!My big vintage tree is off kilter too.

  19. Why are Christmas decorations, especially trees, so hard to photograph? I've had an awful time getting decent pictures.

    The white tree is vintage? How come the only vintage trees I find are crappy? Yours is lovely. Love the Santa, too.

  20. I love all your decorations! I think your Tomte looks great, his ears are perfect just the way they are! Adds character!!!

  21. Anonymous9:50 AM

    You wouldn't still have the pattern for the nisse man, would you. It's no longer available through Chickpea and I REALLY want to make some of these for a Danish friend of mine. Thanks, Theresa


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