Friday, January 11, 2008

A wooly woodsy owl

Sometime before Christmas I saw Martha make this owl backpack on her show. It took me all of 10 seconds to decide that Jack had to have that backpack, but I have zero knitting skills. Well, I could poke my eye out with one of the needles, if you can call that a knitting skill.

But sewing? That I can do. The wheels started churning and I decided I could make the thing with felted wool. The idea of hunting down all the right colored sweaters and felting them and then trying to figure out how to sew the thing was just too daunting. Heidi to the rescue! I bought the wool pre-felted from her and just went from there.

It took more than a little brain churning to work out how to put it all together and what size to make the pieces, but he is too cute! He is now safely stashed in the the present closet waiting to come out for Valentine's Day.
A recent picture of Jack. Just because I am so happy it is finally Friday. (Is time going really slooooooooow for anyone else? I feel like Christmas was months ago.)

And because he is so darn cute. Even if he does tell me that he is NOT a big kid, he is a tiny baby. LOL

He went back to school this week where he moved up a room again, to the "big kid room", aka the 3 year olds. He is not exactly enthusiastic about the change, but he never is. Hopefully some of their "big kid" habits (like not throwing your food at the dinner table!) are going to start to wear off on him.

Hey, I can dream right? :-)


  1. Love the backpack!! You need to make a matching one for yourself:) or maybe an apron, how cute would an apron be with a little owl pocket.

    Yes, time is going very slow, but I'm kind of glad, because I felt myself growing older by the second there for awhile.

    Take care and enjoy his little boy cuteness while you can, they grow up way too fast!

    ps, You are getting a surprise treat in the valentine swap package:)

  2. Backpack is so sweet! I agree, time is like molasses these days. Ugh.

    And funny thing about the "tiny baby"-- Q and I play "tiny baby" all the time lately. She wants to climb in my lap and have me feed her doll bottle or sippy cup to her, then we lean her up and "burp" her. Hopefully they aren't regressing!!!! :) xo

  3. What a cute backpack! I love how it turned out! Lately, I've been into owls - I think they are "fashionable" now.

    Congratulations on Jack moving to the big kid room. My two year old is still a baby in my eyes and probably always will be.

  4. That backpack is darling! But, boy, are you ever brave posting a picture -- Jack could be reading your blog when you're not looking LOL!!!

  5. The backpack is superduper.
    I remember being in a diner once when my daughter was little and she started throwing peas on the floor, one by one. When I tried to reason with her to stop the wise old lady at the next table told me "she's just trying to tell you she's had enough."

  6. That is just too stinkin cute. Good for you for being so industrious. How could the little guy not love that?

  7. What a great looking Owl Backpack.
    Jack is one lucky little man.
    He looks so cute there cleaning his teeth.... I mean playing with the toothbrush.

  8. He is so cute, really cute. He'll be driving soon and looking at colleges. Don't panic. In the meantime, enjoy him wearing that super-sweet backpack, it is adorable.

  9. I feel like Christmas was so long ago too!!! Love the backpack!!!

  10. I love your backpack I can't wait to see a picture with Jack and his new backpack! He is just way to adorable it is so funy that he isn't a big kid, enjoy it while you can next it will be agghh mom I'm an adult!

  11. I had to comment, because your son has such a beautiful name! (I say this as I am the proud mama to a two-year old Jack.)
    Lovely blog!
    (Yes, it's true, we are a Jack and Sarah too!)
    (I am at

  12. You know what? I just went over the the Martha backpack (via the link you provided, thank you!) And seriously? Yours is MUCH MUCH cuter...

    Plus - I think you came up with a more graceful solution: using already felted wool rather than knitting up the pieces to create your own felted panels.

    Only thing cuter than your owl? Your boy. so cute!

  13. ok, I really, really like that backpack. You did a great job!! :)

    hehehe and your son is amazingly cute. He looks so happy. :)

  14. That backpack is so cute! Great idea to sew one up, instead of knit (besides not having the knitting skills, it seems to me that sewing it would be much quicker!)

  15. You're brilliant! That owl bag is awesome. Plus, you get to keep both eyes :)

  16. Your Owl is a complete "hoot"! Great job! Jack's going to love him.

  17. i saw that one on MS, too, and thought it looked super cute!

    i know how to knit, but I'm far from an expert...not to mention it looked like it would take forever!

    i think you made the right decision creating yours the way you did - very clever! nice work, too - it looks great!

    :) Diana
    The Chic Life

  18. Sarah,

    Can I post a picture of your owl backpack on my blog (with link, of course). I want to show what people have been making with my felt.



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