Friday, February 15, 2008

Making takes me away

Remember that old Calgon commercial, "Calgon, Take me away!"? That's what making things does for me. When all else fails, I make something.

I spent every moment I could squeeze out making something yesterday. This valentine was for Dave, an iron on transfer of an old valentine on a piece of canvas, sewn to wool felt (which needs to be ironed). I stitched my name with the fancy letters on the Husky.
Then Jack and I made a paper valentine for Daddy. I found these scrapbook paper doll kits in the sewing room when I was excavating in there. (I think they were a gift from Rebecca .)
When the sewing room was buried under 10 feet of who knows what, I started handstitching these grandmother's flower garden blocks. Putting them together by hand was actually quite mediative, and rather addictive. As soon as I get over to the fabric store to buy some batting, these are going to become coasters.
Jack got a gigantic bag of loot from the school Valentine party earlier this week. He is a really healthy kid, so this on again off again sick thing is really hard for both him and I to deal with. He seems back to his old self this morning, so hopefully (crossing all fingers and toes), we are *completely* on the uphill side now.

Speaking of health, if you don't already visit the lovely Mel at Little Melfie's World , she could certainly use an extra hug or two right now.

On that note, I could not be happier that it is Friday. How about you?


  1. Thank goodness today is Friday. It has been a really long week. I hope Jack is all better finally... I really miss those Valentine parties at school!

    The grandmother's flower garden quilt pieces are fabulous. I have one of those quilts, and even though I'm not a quilter myself... I'm always stunted at how much work that must be.

  2. I know those Calgon moments well :)

  3. Adorable valentines Sarah! I'm glad you have the ability, time, space and supplies to craft some zen time for yourself. :-)

  4. I love the val you gave the hubs! Its masculine but doesn't lose that Sarah aesthetic!

  5. LOL! Yes, those people ARE from me. I sent them to you in the very first swap I had on my blog for craft supplies. It's when we met! I'm getting weepy LOL.

    Love your Valentine's and future coasters!

  6. Anonymous12:49 PM

    The Valentine you made is adorable! And, I love your coaster idea, too.

    Holy moly, I can't believe how much candy Jack got! Looks like Halloween. :)

  7. What sweet valentine's.
    How wonderful that jack is feeling better. Hope he stays that way.
    Went over to mel's - she is having a rough time.

  8. Oh, the littles are too sweet at their Valentine's Day parties! I'm so glad Jack loved his! Thanks for the mention on your blog-it really means so much more to me than you could know! You're the best! xo-Melfie

  9. Making Takes Me Away -- love that saying. Sooo true! Finally Friday, I say!


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