Wednesday, February 13, 2008

One giant leap

Well, I managed to get the house tidy, mop the kitchen floor, do a few loads of laundry, clean up my sewing room (!!! what a task that was, pictures to come soon), acquire a pair of jeans that are not missing the butt, get Jack a box spring so he isn't sleeping on the floor, get a Valentine for my husband, and stay up all night listening to my poor baby cough his little head off. Now all we need are groceries and a well Jack. :-(

I guess sometimes I have to freak out in order to get things rolling.

I cannot believe Valentine's Day is tomorrow already. Last year Jack and I were making all sorts of Valentine crafts, eating strawberies and really enjoying ourselves. It's a pity that we have missed out on that this year due to this crazy, never go away virus. I am ready for us all to be healthy again.

Anyway, onto the Valentines:
This beauty came from Jennifer at What I Did At School Today . I think she gocco'ed the human heart, which totally appeals to the science geek in me, and I love the sentiment, "A true love gives of their authentic heart."
And how cute are the little rose petal girls from Sara at My how crafty! ? (And has anyone else noticed of how many of us are called either Sara/h or Jennifer? Ahhh, children of the 70's.)
This beauty was made by Vallen at Queenly Things . She pays so much attention to the fine details, like the little stamps on the envelopes. Gorgeous! And they arrived in a sweet wallpaper covered box which is already earning it's keep in the sewing room make over.
Shara at Monkeybox made the yummy cupcakes. I love the little knotted stem on the cherries!

With that, I'm off to make that grocery list, see you tomorrow with the Valentine finale.


  1. Anonymous10:30 AM

    Sarah I'm amazed!! I've just been a trip to the vet (No...not for me...) and staying in the sofa all day!! I'm so looking forward to see the rest of the valentine beauties and your sewing room!

  2. Wow! You got a lot accomplished. Now if we can just get that virus out of your household.
    I got the Valentine package and I just love it! Thanks for organizing the swap. It was so much fun for me! There is so much talent out there! I love your little dresses and I think that I am going to steal that idea from you for our next card swap.

  3. Oh Sarah, hope Jack is soon feeling better. These virus's seem to just go around in circles in our homes.
    Well done on the cleanig front. That is so what I need to do today.

  4. Oh, Sweet Lady, you need a vacation, somewhere warm and tropical with tequila or rum.
    Thank you so much for hosting this swap, it was a fun to fo and also the packages we got we're just so cool.

  5. I'm so glad your world is starting to calm down. The past couple of days I've been feeling like losing it - hasn't happened yet and hopefully won't :).

    All of the valentines you received are gorgeous. The swap sounded like alot of fun though - you still managed to organize it with all your craziness going on.

    Hope Jack starts feeling better soon.

  6. Anonymous3:38 PM

    I was out of town for a couple of days, wow, these Valentines are all so pretty! I can't wait to see the rest.

    I hope Jack is starting to feel better, so you can relax too! :)

  7. These Valentines are so amazing. And, to think you got that swap all sent out/blogged about with Jack sick! Hope that Cupid brings a shot of health this year!

  8. Hello, Sarah.

    I followed m&co`s recomand to visit your blog, and I had å good time here, looking at all your nice pictures :)

    I wish you and your beloved ones a happy Valentinesday :)

    Lene in Norway :)

  9. Wow! These are really something, you certainly hosted a top shelf swap. :)

    I'm glad you're getting so things done, I know it was driving you nutty over there.

    Give Jack a big hug for me!

  10. Ok, you're amazing. :)

    Happy Valentine's Day, I hope Jack is feeling better.


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