Monday, February 11, 2008

Say it isn't so

I was finally getting to the point where I could breathe again, and only take one kind of cough medicine instead of two, and then the hammer fell. Jack started running a pretty high fever on Saturday, and here we are Monday morning, and the fever has not yet broken and now he says his ear hurts. And the pediatrician's phone has been busy for 38 minutes straight.

After spending 2 solid days holding him, worrying about him, checking his temperature, giving him medicine and watching trains with him, I am pretty sure I should just give up on February altogether at this point. February? What February? There was a February in 2008?
I did manage to mail an insane amount of mail last week. Sorting through 156 Valentines proved to be a bigger challenge than I had imagined, and I hope that all the swap participants have something resembling 14 different Valentines arriving.

These paper party dresses were my contribution. I had something TOTALLY different in mind, bought supplies for something different, and was halfway through something different, but I just wasn't feeling the other project. When I was organizing my magazines I came across an older copy of one of the Somerset magazines, saw the dresses, and knew that was my Valentine winner.

I set out to buy some pink floral romantic scrapbook paper, but totally fell in love with this Martha Stewart playground* stuff from Michaels instead. They have velvet bows at the waist, and the corsages are made from bits of vintage trims I cut apart. The words are made with my new favorite toy, an old school Dymo label maker that makes embossed plastic tapes. (I am going to get rid of the expensive Brother P-touch because I have serious love for that cheap Dymo labeller.)

More swap contributions:
These sweet ribbons were made by Carolyn, from the Laughing Duck .
And the adorable scottie dog mini quilts (complete with shrinky dink bones!) were made by Tiff at Folded Gingham .

I hope to get all of the gorgeous Valentines and all of the lovely hostess gifts up this week for you all to enjoy, but don't hold me to it, ok? :-)

*You can click to enlarge the photos to see the prints better.

BLOGGER! Fix the farking spellcheck already.


  1. Oh, poor Jack! (And poor Mama, too. Ugh!) Hope you can get him feeling better soon.

    Those Valentines are darling! I knew that once I saw the cards from your swap I'd regret not signing up! Can't wait to see the rest of them.

  2. Poor Jack! Hope you both are chugging along soon.

  3. Glad you are feeling better! So sorry to hear that Jack is now sick. Hope everything is tip top soon!

    I am loving the Valentine's. Those dresses are so sweet!

  4. Great stuff, Sarah! Too bad about baby boy. I hope he feels better soon.

    At least February has one extra day in it! :)


  5. OMG, I love your dresses!!! I knew I recognized that paper. ;) You are so creative.

    Poor lil' Jack. Nothing worse than your kiddo being sick, eh? I'd rather be sick 3x over. Well, which is what happens anyway-- I always seem to get 3x as sick as Q ever does.

    Also LOVE the quilted Valentine. Oh, the detail. And the shrinky dink bones...goodness! I'm jealous.

  6. Poor Jack, I hope he starts to feel better soon. But I do love your dresses, so cute! And what is up with the spellcheck, I desperately need it to work :)

  7. Hope Jack starst feeling better soon!

    Your paper dresses are soooo cute. What a great idea. Love the other two that you received as well.

  8. Sarah-- THANK YOU for getting our valentine swap packages together especially with jack being sick! My girl has a fever now too. My mail cheered us both!

  9. Anonymous10:06 AM

    Oh no poor Jack! and you!! I feel so sorry for you both...beeing sick with a sick child is no fun at all. I hope you have good people around you to give you the help you need!! The valentines are sooo adorable!!! I have no idea how you've managed beeing sick and all! (I've been totally uncreative and unproductive all jan-feb while beeing sick :-()

  10. Bless your hearts! You guys have had a rough time of it, I surely hope you both bounce back this week.

    I think the Valentines are fabulous... and I still havent quite wrapped my brain around the fact that you FOUND one of those bowls for free. You are, without a doubt, the luckiest woman in the world. :)

  11. :( Poor Jack, I hate being sick.

    I love your paper dresses! They really came out so cute. I can't wait to see all the valentines!

    (sorry about the poopy cat. I laughed and laughed . . .)

  12. Poor Jack. The Bean has the flu too. Not fun, I know.

    I got my envie of Valentine's today and I am blown away. Sorry you had to mail one on it's own. I loved them all. I am having guilt about the lack of creativity of mine now.....

    Thank you for organizing this swap!

  13. I hope Jack feels better soon. It's so frustrating when you cannot get through to the pediatrician. And, it's always worse when they're sick. I'd rather be the sick one. I worry more when it's my son.

    I ♥ the valentines you made.

  14. Oh poor Jack, I hope he is fine soon. I LOVE your desses, what a charming idea !!!! Clarice

  15. Dang, wish I'd done your swap. I am drooling over the items you've posted so far!
    Hope Jack feels better real soon and you stay healthy.

  16. Poor little buddy. :( This winter is relentless.

    Your valentine's are ADORABLE. I wanted to do your swap but knew I'd never get them finished. Maybe next year. Feel better. :)

  17. Poor Jack and poor mamma! Hope he is feeling better. My 2 had it all last week but they are back to their wild monkey selves! Lovin' the dresses, lucky swappers!

  18. Poor little guy! I know you're taking great care of him-make sure you rest too! Love your dresses and those sweet Valentines! I mailed your package today and keeping my fingers crossed that it's there by Thursday! xo-Melfie Bon Jovi

  19. Oh I really wish I got in on that one...I havent done a awap in ages!!! Cute!

  20. Yes! Dymo tape! Love it. I only sent your Vally out today, I've been so out of it but was glad to see you're a bit tardy too!

    Hope Jack feels better soon! xoxoxo

  21. Those valentiunes are so cute. I used to have one of those old Dymos from a garage sale- it was the best. Your cat poo story was HILARIOUS!

  22. I hope you & Jack feel better soon!

    I don't know if you use firefox, but firefox has a built in spell checker in the newer versions... which I love because it also spell checks comments I leave & everything:)

  23. Anonymous11:08 AM

    What a great swap! I love everything. When you say "watching trains" with you mean on TV or real trains? Just wondering....

  24. Oh - so sorry too hear about Jack! I hope you are both feeling better soon!

    And I love all those Valentines! so much fun!

  25. Your dresses valentines are so pretty! I love them.


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