Friday, March 07, 2008

The business of being and blogging

(Thrifted pair of pottery vases. Lately pottery seems to be finding me in pairs.) We all had a dentist appointment yesterday, and it was Jack's first real tooth cleaning. Previously they had just poked around in there, counted his teeth, checked his chipped tooth, etc. to get him used to going. The ladies in the office were all swooning over Jack from the minute he walked in the door and I not sure he knew what on earth all the fuss was about!

At first he was like a deer in the headlights, but he followed directions very well and he was so very proud of his new toothbrush. I had tried to explain to the very young hygienist when she was asking who brushed his teeth that Jack is 3, and 3 is all about independence, so getting him to let anyone help him brush is a battle. When she was finished showing him how to hold the brush and brush his beautiful little teeth she said to him, "Now Jack, you let mommy help you brush in the back." Uh huh, good luck to me there! LOL
(Over the moon cute vintage fabric from the flea market.) I was listening to NPR this morning after I dropped Jack off at school and I started thinking about my little blog here. One day last week I was driving down the highway and noticed that every overpass was filled with firetrucks and firemen who were all hanging American flags down over the highway. I had no clue what was going on, came home, turned on the news and discovered that body of a very young Marine was on it's way back to St Charles after he was killed in the war. He had just graduated high school in 2005, and a life that should have been so filled with promise was ended.

That stuff kills me. I start having a million thoughts about his mother. About how she must have watched her little boy take his first steps and play baseball and go on his first date and just recently graduate from high school.

And yet, I am pretty silent about the war and politics and religion here. It doesn't mean that those things aren't on our minds, but this morning I wondered what Jack will think of the absence of those things here when I am gone, and the books containing this blog are his to keep.
(Totally awesome vintage craft book.) Will he wish I had had more to say about what is like to live in the world right now? Or will he already know what I had to say about those things because I made it a point to tell him so?

He's so little that it is a non-issue right now, but I am acutely aware of his growing up, how much he is changing every day, and how his understanding of the world around him is changing. So far I have worked very hard to protect him from any type of guns, or violence, or even really any talk of death. But when he picked up a toy gun at another house a few weeks back and asked me very innocently what it was, I realized that very quickly I am going to have to flesh out how to deal with all that stuff. (Where we live every little boy plays with those kinds of toys.)
(Coasters from the coaster swap, from Danetta .)Also on my mind are few thoughts on the business of blogging. Jack and I both received a lot of very lovely gifts during Feb. I had photographed a few of them (lost the photos during the blue screen of death), but not all of them, and I just don't want the thank you's to get lost forever.

So, even though I am pictureless, thank you to: Tiff for the gorgeous little bird rug; Stephanie for the lovely collage (Jack enjoyed finding bits and pieces in it too!); Betty for the train pillow that Jack and I are assembling this afternoon; Jane for the sewing cards which Jack and I use several times a week; Jennifer for the wee bunny that has made it's way into Jack's bed; Vallen for the sweet nest ornament, and the pin that Jack's teacher adore on my coat; Mel for the gorgeous Bon Jovi Tag; Saucy for the gorgeous Valentine banner; and I really hope I haven't forgotten anyone!


  1. Anonymous4:15 PM

    Love the spring-y new tulip banner. The cabin is in Kirkwood, and we still have plenty of snow.

  2. That's so great that Jack had a good dental appointment! :) He's soooo cute, of course everyone would go crazy over him. :)

    And our world is so sad. I'm amazed that Jack didn't know what a gun was...but you're right, no matter how much you shelter him, he will find out about certain evils of this world. :( Hopefully, you'll prepare him well for the battles ahead of him.

  3. Its so hard to know the balance between truth and hurt when it comes to talking to children about what is going on in the world. Of course protecting them (as you have) is the best choice imho...

    As a military wife, its hard, especially knowing that at any time hubby could be called to duty overseas.

    Anyhow... on another note I also wanted to let you know that the drawing has been completed on the blog for the grand giveaway!! I am also holding a poll for another prize for the winning name. :) If you have a moment, stop on by and cast your vote!

  4. I have tried very hard to keep the toy guns away from my sons as long as I could--but eventually the thrill of water guns and summer splashing and gifts from relatives won out. I just really feel that children can't possibly understand the implications of a gun that's used improperly or accidently. The toys make them seem harmless---and it is truly scary to me.

  5. Anonymous5:20 PM

    You're very welcome. I'm pleased as punch to know that the bunny is being slept with; that's what all good stuffed bunnies are for... ;)

    I figured I'd pass this along too. Hubby gave me some required reading as soon as we had a boy: Wild at Heart by John Eldredge. I'm still not big on guns or violence, and I don't think that Eldredge is pro these things, but the book did help me understand a TON about how boys and men think and are wired. I really feel like it helped prepare me to be a mom to a boy, and I was a tomboy who'd taught inner city middle school students for 6 years!

    Eldredge is a Christian, so he deals with the spiritual side of things as well. He deals with the issue of masculinity in a Godly way that makes it not only ok to have the strong feelings that guys do but really part of God's plan and advantageous, but not ok to channel them in ways that are hurtful.

  6. The world is a scary place. That's why I purposely don't talk about that scary stuff on my blog - it's a place to escape reality.

    My son started Kindergarten and then, two weeks later it ws September 11th. THE September 11th. I was terrified, wanted to watch the news and TV 24 hours a day. But, I had to protect him from it yet let him know what had happened. It was very hard to explain it all when I didn't understand it myself!

    In the past year or so DS has acquired a few Nerf Foam dart guns. That was the first time I had ever let him have a toy gun of any kind. The Nerf guns are fun and harmless and don't really look like a real gun. I guess it's just relative when your kid gets older and they can handle the truth between real and fake. I still think cap guns and toy pistols should be illegal.

  7. It is so hard being a parent. My husband is a police officer and came home from a school dressed in jeans, but had his gun on because he was in his cruiser. Anyhoo Griffin(4) went up and touched the gun. First time I think he has noticed it. So the talks started.
    My husband is really good about educating the kids. Something new to worry about.

  8. I'm glad you got the banner. I was starting to wonder but then I checked this post, and you did! I can't even remember if I posted the photos I took of it or not! Glad you are all feeling better! Hugs.

  9. poignant stuff here - we don't have guns as toys either and are faced with the same challenges in that everyone else my boys ages do. I'm just hoping that our family values set the course and that a lot of love in our home will help teach him what to do.

  10. Hannah just had her first cleaning a few weeks ago too. Now she's all about getting the "sugar bugs" off. She's big time into doing things herself too, but this is what we do. I brush her teeth first fairly quickly and really focus on the front and the back and then I sing the ABC's twice or the "Brush your teeth" song by Rafi and then she can be done.
    As for the violence issue, we don't have toy guns here either. In fact I don't think Luke's ever seen one. (He does pretend everything is a sword- this is a new thing that has just started because his dad let him watch the "old school" Thunder Cats with him.)
    It's hard to be a parent and know how much to share with your children about the world. I think that as they grow and things come up it's important to be honest, but then teach them the CORRECT principle or way to deal with things. Use all the awful stuff in the world as learning experiences when it presents itself. My kids are small, but already the questions are starting. Crazy how quick they grow.


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