Friday, April 25, 2008

So far beyond the edge of sanity

Gah. I am in the middle of a most intense freak out about the impending visit from the in-laws, and blogger decides this is a good time to not work properly?

It figures.

While trying to take my mind off my own drama, I went to the thrift this morning. The last thing I need is another lamp, but this one is so cute.
My grandma's lilacs are blooming. I cut a few off to freshen up the house. The smell reminds me of her.
Jack has totally given up on sleeping. He is so tired he has resorted to sleeping in the car, which is very unlike him.

The extra exhaustion means that my freak out is even worse than it normally would be. And we are in the midst of trying a new parenting thing with him, which was working really, really well. Until I started to get overwhelmed and tired and have not been working it very well the past 2 days.
Our redbud tree is in bloom also. Gorgeous.
I also found a new tablecloth this morning. You would think that as many as I have I wouldn't get so excited about them, but I still do.

How's that for a random post? LOL

Is there some kind of "the in-laws are coming-the house needs cleaning-my kid won't sleep-I have no idea what to get my husband for his birthday-the phone won't stop ringing-man, I really need a nap" pill? I need it if there is.


  1. LOL, are you okay dear?? Deep breaths!!

    I just bought a very similar lamp though mine is Hansel and Gretal. My Dad is rewiring it for me. Where yours has a music box in the little house the little house on mine holds a night light. Ridiculously cute.

    Now han in there, you hear me??

  2. I had that nursery stuff as a baby. I always pick it up when I see it and then sell it later's like I can't resist it. :)

    I think the pill you need is called a beer.

    1 hour birthday gift? hmmmmm. For your husband? hmmmmmmm. I don't want to spell it out. ;)

  3. Hang in there! It will get better!! ((HUGS))

  4. Oh dear me - nothing like an in-laws impending visit to send you insane. Don't they know they are meant to come and visit family not check out and criticise stuff!!!
    Hope Jack starts sleeping better for you.
    Hope the in-law visit isn't too difficult

  5. Good luck with the in-laws! I am not envying you. Except for finding the tablecloth.

  6. Um...xanax maybe??? I have a lamp similar to that from my childhood -- which should tell you how much older I am than you -- your "thrift" is my closet from my childhood LOL! Hope you get some sleep tonight!

  7. You always manage to find the neatest things, I wish I had your skill and luck. I had a similar lamp as a child - very cute.
    I am curious about the new parenting technique - my son also hardly ever naps, leaving me exhausted.
    Good luck with the in-laws. Mine never come to visit (live in Austria, never flown, etc.), so I am spared that, but then we have to visit them for weeks on end...

  8. I'm sure you are freaking out...I used to also! Just relax! My God they KNOW you have a little one! Do you think they'll focus on the dirt in the corners of the kitchen floor? If not, don't worry!
    And the name of that pill is darnit-tol I think!

  9. Aw, honey. I hope things have slowed down a bit. Take it easy on yourself. They will probably be too busy adoring Jack to care about anything else! xo

    And that tablecloth? SCORE.

  10. Random is good, I love that lamp and table cloth...good luck with the inlaws

  11. It's going to be ok. I'm with Miss Chris...they will be too busy with Jack to worry about the house!
    The lamp and table cloth are great finds!

  12. Anonymous11:12 AM

    Cute finds!

    And good luck with all that you have going on. I hope for your sake that once they get there, things will settle down just a little, and you can relax. If you find that pill, let me know!! ;)

    {You're not going to believe this, but my word verification is behavr.} Ha!!

  13. Oh Sarah - I second Rebecca - deep breaths! I just got done with a pretty crazy Saturday, but there were no in-laws involved, luckily. Keep your chin up!

  14. I think the pill you are looking for also comes in liquid form called a Ruby Red Relaxer - Works for 'inlaws' too!! If you need the recipe, let me know ;-)

  15. Good luck with the out-laws! Love that lamp. I had a one that was Little Bo Peep as a child and have a Humpty Dumpty one now. They are so cute.

  16. Yeah, there is that kind of pill but they only sell it in the tropics like Cancun or the Bahamas or something. Too bad, guess you'll have to go there.

  17. I want to hear about your new 'parenting thing'...! I am glad he was able to have such a great visit with the grandparents!


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