Tuesday, April 08, 2008

My so called crazy life

Whew. I survived. Yesterday was one totally busy day that included gobs of laundry, the produce stand, the grocery store, the pet store, the library, the post office, the mall for an emergency bra visit (LOL!), teaching Jack to ride a tricycle, cutting his hair on the patio, trying to sell the old van and even more. I am glad it is behind me. Jack and I truly worked and played hard from sun up to sun down yesterday.

We finally had a sunny and warm weekend and garage sale season has officially begun here. We were all excited to get out there and see what we could find. But after 5 big garage sales and one smallish flea market, this old glass doorknob coat hanger was the only thing I bought. (It's not nearly as pretty as the one Dave made for me!) It will be getting a coat of paint once I decide on a color. I was more than a little disappointed to only find one treasure after all that hunting.
The flea market was back in full swing again on Sunday too. Nearly full with vendors and no place to park already. (I have been to flea markets all over the world, and not a single one has a parking situation as desperate as our local flea. Some days you have to park more than a mile away. And they ticket EVERYONE.) I left disappointed again though. All those vendors, all that stuff and this McCoy pot is all that came home with us. Well, a table too, but I am saving for that another day.
Speaking of disappointing, our thrifts have been terrible for months now. This is my most exciting actual thrift store purchase this entire winter! And I think it might also be the weirdest thing I have ever bought in a thrift. It's an old sales sample board with bathroom fixtures on it.

I know that *somewhere* I have seen a really great junk idea for using those old soap dishes, but I cannot for the life of me remember what it was. I am itching to paint them all pink, pink, pink! but I am trying to hold off until I decide what to do with some of them.
I overheard some vendor talk at the flea this weekend about the difficulty of finding merchandise lately. I am a little bit nervous that the economy troubles are going to put the junking market in the dumps this year. And the weather is not helping at all. It just keeps raining here, which means no garage sales for us or flea market vendors. What a bummer, eh?

Oh well. At least we had a great time in the yard. Playing in the tent, swinging in the swings, reading books, grilling hot dogs, refilling the sand box and dreaming big dreams of The world's longest yard sale .

Until then I will have to keep folding and refolding the "projiks" in the pie safe...

P.S. I keep meaning to ask, has anyone used any of those green produce bags like these ? I try to stay away from plastic, but the price of food keeps going up and up and if it might help eliminate some waste, I would give it a go I think.


  1. Those green bags are the most awesome thing ever!! I LOVE THEM! I tell anyone who will listen to buy them asap! Dont wait! I buy my veggies & fruit in bulk & I have saved tons of $$ & the stuff really last soooooo much longer! BUY 'EM NOW!!!

  2. Mondays are always busy days around here. Thrifting has been pretty dull here too - it's getting difficult to find even sheets!

    Haven't ever tried the green bags, but maybe I'll have to try...

  3. Hmmmm. I would think the slump in the economy would help the garage sale/junking market. People need more cash, so they sell things. And buyers, with little cash, are looking for bargains, so they go the second-hand route, rather than new. No???

  4. We get organic produce delivered to our house. Organic produce ripens much faster than non-organic produce and we could not eat it fast enough to save it all. So we tried those bags which were recommended and offered for sale by our organic service and they are awesome. We bought a sample pack and wash and reuse them. I generally don't reuse plastic bags, but I do with these as they are more precious.

  5. Anonymous4:22 PM

    Still sounds like a fun flea market trip.

    Great picture too of all those wonderful quilts stacked up.

  6. I think if the economy goes to pot, people will sell anything for quick cash. Don't get discouraged yet.

  7. i LOVE that planter - great find!

    I think the spring is always a shaky time for sales & its hit or miss...once the weather is consistantly nice things pick up.

    Also, I've gotten to know a couple antique dealers in my town and they've said that they will stock-pile over the winter and wait until the weather gets nicer and more people are coming out to sell it at the flea markets.

  8. Anonymous6:15 PM

    Yes, but that's a really great McCoy planter! I'm hoping that the bum economy will mean more stuff for sale, but I may be foolishly optimistic. Plus, our sale season hasn't started, so I still can dream.

  9. That's a sweet new piece of pottery Sarah!
    Thanks for mentioning the green bags which garnered a couple of good reports. I'll bet they sell those at Bed, Bath and Beyond. I'll grab some next time I'm there!

  10. I have never tried those bags either, but considering that just this morning I thru out THREE heads of lettuce I think I may give it a go too!

  11. sounds like we live a lot alike! i love the flea markets. looks like you are finding some good things!

  12. you know that i love that mccoy! what a great find.

  13. Anonymous7:53 AM

    Love that weird bathroom fixture sample board! You have such a great eye for things!!

  14. Junk market drying up. Now there's a side effect of the down spiraling economy I hadn't thought of.

  15. Love the mccoy planter! I have two of those and both are different colors ;)

  16. Anonymous2:44 PM

    Love your bathroom fixture sample board. That's an awesome and unusual find.

    And, the Mccoy vase is so pretty. The doorknob hooks will look so nice with a pretty coat of paint!


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