Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Serging, Serging, Serging

With some help from Pam and Linda (thank you both!), I was able to get that serger working with no problem. Which is a good thing, since the sewing machine repair guy wanted $90 to see if it worked and to clean it up.

And a new working sewing machine requires a project immediately right?
I picked up that blue strawberry fabric in Target at the dollar spot. They are actually bandannas.

I used the market tote pattern from The Crafter's Companion .
And then I set about serging my little heart out. Since I used the serger I didn't bother with a lining. And the pattern calls for piping, but I just some other vintage trim I had kicking around.

It's cute, eh? I am thinking about making it a little shorter, but I think I will see how it works first. (I totally did not follow the pattern measurements.)

I am now one bag closer to getting rid of the plastic bag habit too!

I started a Flickr group for the apron swap. I know I already saw one apron on a blog yesterday. If are having swap issues, or need help posting to the group let me know. You can find the new group here: Vintage Apron Swap .

I know some of you were crazy for that butterfly quilt, so I photographed my other one and put it in my Flickr also. It's a lot bigger than the one I posted yesterday and worth having a gander at.


  1. Aren't sewing machine repairs expensive now? I mean it couldn't have even been five years ago I used to pay$30 for a fixin, now my guy charges $70. So I no longer get it tuned up. Just fiddle with it myself. I have many difficulties actually. Last weekend I saw a really neat looking sewing machine for $15 at Salvation Army that I wish I had grabbed. I am going back on Saturday and hopefully they will have it still

  2. Anonymous7:57 AM

    This is adorable Sarah!

  3. oh that is super cute! still scared of the serger my MIL gave me. you are making me want to check it out!

  4. Ack. Can't handle the cuteness of that bag. Cannot.

  5. Gosh what a darling bag. Glad you got it working, way worth the $10 don't you think?

  6. Great bag! I am totally loving my new serger. I am wondering how I lived without it.

  7. Adorable. You're so talented, I stabbed myself while sewing on a button the other day.

  8. You are so clever.

    When the serger doesn't work its really bad. I'm glad they could help you.

  9. The bag is a adorable, how resourceful to use those cute strawberry bandanas. Walmart also is a good place for cute printed bandanas for under a dollar. they sometimes have holiday related ones too.

  10. Anonymous7:03 PM

    I'm so glad I could help you out with the serger. I appreciate your comments about the piano, too.

  11. Target bandanas? That's brilliant! It's super cute too! :D

  12. Swap issue here...I somehow missed the email about swap details. I know my partner (because she emailed me) but nothing else. Thanks Sarah!

  13. what a blessing to have it fixed like that! The repair shops are getting insane with how much they charge! Love the project :)


  14. Such a cute bag & how exciting that you got the serger to work! :)

  15. Anonymous6:10 PM

    That bag is adorable!

  16. Anonymous7:40 PM

    Glad you got the serger working! Aren't they fun?? Mine is in the shop now getting fixed (I broke it, totally my fault! opps!)
    And those quilts are CRAZY!!! I'm green with envy!


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