Saturday, April 12, 2008

So many choices

Oh my, I hadn't intended to be away from the blog for so long. It's cold here, so cold we had snow flurries today. Trying to sell the old car is a lot of work. I am making nothing right now. And Jack is totally turning into a wild thing. I wish I could throw my arms up and gnash my terrible teeth and roar my terrible roar. It's all just making me so crabby.

Being creative usually brings me out of the funk, so I thought I would paint that flea market table I bought last week. I had a dream a few months ago that we were living in our forever house (this house is just a rental), and when you came in the front door there was a gorgeous robin's egg blue table in front of a huge old mirror. Sitting on it was a piece of pottery filled with pink peonies.

When I saw this table at the flea last weekend I didn't think I would ever be able to afford it. It's a nice old piece of furniture, but, it was *the* table, right down to the scalloped design on the top. The forever house foyer table, except it wasn't yet blue. The price was right, so home it came. Everyone at the flea was commenting on it when I was waiting for Dave to come pick us up, "oh, now that's a nice table!"
I am sure they would die if they knew I painted it. In fact, even I wasn't sure I was going to paint it. But after a week of it sitting here, I knew it was going to be painted. There are so many darn paint color choices I go into overload. And none of them ever seem to be just right. Most of our painted stuff is old painted stuff, and new paint just doesn't have that same tone as the old paint*.
I ended up having them custom mix a color, which was perfect in the can, and on the can lid, but it is lighter than I wanted on the table.

It's ok though. I still think it's gorgeous.

That vase is only there for the photo. It has been replaced with a nifty plastic jug I found this morning. Something fragile would never survive Jack and the cats in that spot. My mirrors could use rehanging now too. It's always something! LOL
If you are an apron swap participant, feel free to add the button above to your blog. I think you will have to click it to enlarge it first, then right click it to save it. And thank you to Julie at Jane's Apron for making it for us!

The apron swap is at an uneven number, so if you are on the fence, please join in the fun!

*Yes, they have been tested for lead. I know which pieces are lead paint and which aren't. I varnished all but one of them. Jack is not allowed to touch that one.


  1. Cute table! I'd love to see the shape of the top. I like the color you chose--did you just use latex paint?

  2. the table is perfect! i have that vase in yellow.

  3. Anonymous6:20 PM

    great color! i love how your table came out. i may need to look for something to paint that color myself.

  4. I love robin's egg blue. So pretty!!!

    As for Jack...let the wild rumpus begin!!! :) xo

  5. Very pretty table. And it looks great in blue. I'm glad you painted it.

  6. That table is gorgeous. I think the paint is quite the improvement. Don't you love how items you want tend to find you?

  7. Anonymous8:57 AM

    I know what you mean about deciding to paint or not but I usually go for it, too! The color looks great and you can always go darker down the road (in your free time-ha!)hey, you say you're in a creative funk? I'm having a Swashbuckler Soiree- maybe that stir some creative juices, matey!!

  8. I'll join the swap. I have tons of vintage aprons! (if it's not too late.)

  9. Anonymous11:42 AM

    I love the table! Looks perfect in your "for now home"!

  10. I love the look of painted furniture and the idea that if you grow tired of the color or change your decor, you can just repaint. Can't wait for the swap!

  11. Anonymous2:30 PM

    Your table is adorable! I love that color too, and you're right, it is hard to find it is just the right shade. The books are nice too.

  12. I love it. Painting furniture is one of my favorite things to do, and this one is sweet! Darling table. Love the blue.

    (I'm available for the apron swap if you need an even number. Let me know!)


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