Sunday, May 18, 2008

Show & Tell Sunday: Vintage linens

This week's Show & Tell Sunday is vintage linens. Anything that includes vintage linens will include me! I have a little bit of everything in our house, like the super sweet fingertip towels done with cross stitch;
pillowcases galore to lay our on heads on at night;
but for me, it is all about the tablecloths. This is a batch from that trip to Chicago that I hadn't gotten around to showing you yet.
I told you there were a lot of them!
This gigantic one is so awesome, it reminds me of living in Florida.
This one says Styled in Paris at the bottom.
Love the pink gingham center and the ruffly labels on the sugar jars.
I found a pair of these vibrant ones, which are actually labeled as Startex kitchen towels.
I am always a sucker for red, white and blue ones.
This one has sweet little birds and nests with eggs in them.
And this one has a most unusual color combination.

I have drawn the winners for the contests, I will get those names to you tomorrow. My not so trusty assistant spent the morning locking me out of the house, refusing to draw names and making all sorts of mischief.

I am feeling really pressed for time lately, in a bad way, with no time to create. So this coming week I am going to make one thing a day, no matter how small, and blog it every day. I think we could use more craft around here, right? :-)

Ok, our family is coming over for a birthday dinner, so I had better get to it!


  1. Anonymous9:32 AM

    I love the on with all the fruit on it!

    I know what you mean about not having time to craft! i have a swap apron due in two weeks, a birthday gift to make by next weekend and much more- I think I may have bitten off more than I can chew! I will try your idea!

  2. I knew you would have some pretty tablecloths to show! I love that one with the sugar jars!

  3. Great collection! The tablecloths are so neat!

  4. Oh my, you have some tablecloths that make my heart skip! Wonderful collection!
    I have a thing for vintage pillow cases too. :0)
    Thanks for playing along!
    ~Cerri xo

  5. Anonymous11:56 AM

    Wow, I love the vintage tablecloths, i also like how you hung them on the line for photos, just like they did when the linens were new!

  6. Ok. Seriously, seriously, seriously drooling over here. Why can't I find tablecloths like you?

  7. What lovely linens you have.
    Hope you have some fun creating every day.

  8. Great tablecloths!!! Awesome pictures!!!

  9. what pretty tablecloths and i love how you took your pictures outside...everything looks so gorgeous blowing in the breeze...thanks for sharing!!!

  10. LOVE those tablecloths!!
    Vintage linens just always make me happy!
    I hope you have a wonderful birthday dinner!

  11. Love them all, of course! I got seven this weekend, but yours are so much brighter than mine. Gorgeous!

  12. What wonderful Tablecloths you found where? Thrift or Antique Shops?
    Would love to know
    Hugs, Diane

  13. Anonymous7:50 PM

    Gosh, those are some awesome tablecloths (one looks familar to me, I need to check my stash if I have it). I wonder why these linens make me feel happy...I can't recall them in my childhood, yet they seem like they were a part of it! I have a growing stash of pillowcases & sheets that do the same for me.

  14. Oh, what fabulous tablecloths!!

  15. What a colorful collection! Thanks for sharing your pretty linens.

  16. I love all of your tablecloths.

    I know what you mean about not enough time for all the projects to be made. I have so many things going at once that I get tired of just thinking about them and not knowing where to begin.
    Hope to get more organized.

    Irma :)

  17. I love the one with the bird's nests :) We totally use our pillow cases too! I love the project a day! I should do that too.

  18. Did you see? In honor of your birthday 60 Minutes did a whole segment on your boyfriend Jon?

    Personally it's a toss up over what makes me drool more, Jon or those tablecloths! Some girls have all the luck!

  19. Anonymous8:19 AM

    I love that 'Styled in Paris' tablecloth. It's my all-time favorite from the ones you've posted on your blog!

    You really do have great luck with tablecloths, they always look like they're in such nice condition, too.

    I was chuckling about your little 'unreliable' assistant locking you out. Although, I know how frustrating that can be. :) Hope everything's going good now!

  20. you are one lucky girls with all of those tablecloths! I can't wait to see your creative endeavors!

  21. Your linens are killing me! Love it all.

  22. Love the tablecloths! (even if I didn't win one ... only fair since you didn't win one of my aprons) My apron swap worked out great. Hostess gift to arrive. Possibly, like you, it will take 3 weeks ...

  23. Sighhhhh, more reasons to hate you ;-) xoxoxo Clarice

  24. Ooh, my favorite is the second tablecloth down. Love that pattern!!

  25. I adore all of your fun linens!! So pretty!

  26. Anonymous3:40 AM

    WOW! I LOVE LOVE the table cloths!! Green wit envie!!!!!!!!! Check out my new blog when you get a chance!

  27. Sarah, what do you use to get stains out of your linens?
    Good luck with jack! Little people can be so trying sometimes! If it helps any, my 17yo dd who was the most difficult child, has turned into a lovely loving teenager, most of the time anyway! LOL!


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