Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Totally random Tuesday

So how about a bunch of totally random stuff on a Tuesday?Around Earth Day I asked about the Green Bags for produce. Based on your recommendations, we bought them. I've been using them for about 3 weeks now and being the scientist that I am, I had to do a few experiments of my own. These bananas are both 14 days old. The one on the right was on the counter, the one on the left in the green bag.

Overall, I quite like them. They really have saved me money on produce. In fact, 3 weeks out I am just now starting to need produce again.

I have a few complaints though. The bags are hard to get to stay closed. You might spring for the ziploc type ones, because if they are open, they don't work. It's hard to see what produce is what in the fridge inside them. The shipping costs were outrageous, $9 or something for 20 bags that came in a padded envelope that mailed for a little over a dollar I am sure. Even the large size bags do not hold things like green onions or asparagus effectively. If you put the entire giant Costco sized box of strawberries in one bag, the weight of the berries alone will kill the ones on the bottom, so you need to split them into several bags and try to position things in the fridge so they are not piled on one another. (Which is tricky with my silly, small side by side fridge.)

If you are going to order them, try HSN first. They were selling 50 bags including extra large ones, for $24.95 with shipping. I paid $20 for 20 from their website.
If you want to make the belt buckle frames, here are a few tips:

*Wear safety glasses. If you turn that dremel cutting bit at an angle it will break off and nearly put your eye out.
*Keep the kids far away when doing said project.
*When you are buying all those bits in the hardware store, do yourself a favor and buy a particulate mask. Those things are so toxic and they smell SO FREAKING BAD that you will think you are going to either vomit or die before you are done.
*It's really quite hard to hold such a small thing steady and cut it apart with a dremel without fearing you are going to lose a finger. I think you need some kind of clamp on a work surface if possible to hold the buckle in while you cut.
*On the super small ones you will have to be creative with getting the middle part out without cutting the buckle. Even if you can only get a really small portion of it out, you can grind down the rest of it.
*I used Steam-A-Seam to get my fabric onto the backing. The regular stuff, not version 2. I just cut the pieces of fabric and ironed them on so they would be wrinkle free and not have glue bleed through.
*I bonded the fabric to mat board, not card stock. It makes a nicer finish and adds the needed weight to the fabric. You can buy giant sheets of mat board at Hobby Lobby for about $6. I have been using the same sheet for projects since last summer.
*I made the hangers with a jewelry finding that I just hot glued to the back of the mat board. Sorry that I don't know what to call that piece, it's a small circle on a long post, they are easy to find.
On Sunday, while we were in Hancock's fabrics, Jack had an accident that resulted in his falling head first onto the cement floor from a few feet up. His head immediately started to swell up, the eye started to swell closed, and I freaked out. Totally.

We rushed him to the pediatric urgent care, where we were assured he would likely be fine, but we had to wake him up every 3 hours Sunday night.

What a night.

The eye looks pretty good though, thanks to the wonders of Arnica Gel . That stuff really works on bruising and swelling, particularly on kids who won't use an ice pack.

We have also started a new morning routine with him, which involves actively waking him up when his father gets up, so that Dave can get him dressed, fed and out of the diaper. It means I have about 3 less of the "are these jobs ever going to end?" jobs to do with him in the morning, and he is getting up early enough to need a nap in the afternoon and still be able to sleep at night.

Plus we are totally pull-up free during the days now, even during naps!

Now, that is what I call "cosciting."

P.S. As soon as it stops raining there will be photos from the 100 mile yard sale. We are still heavily flooding here, and are 12 inches above normal for rainfall for the year so far. It really does just keep raining here.


  1. I saw some of those bags in our grocery the other day and wondered how they were working out for you. Maybe I will pick a few up.

    Hooray for Jack and no daytime pull-ups - and hooray for naps!

  2. Thanks for sharing your little experiment. I, too, have always wondered about those bags.

    I'm happy you came up with a new start to your morning. Isn't it great how just the littlest change can mean so much?!


  3. good tips!

    what marbles?

  4. Great tips! I bruise pretty easily and I get stepped on a fair amount. Gotta order up some of that gel!

  5. Oh, your poor little guy. :(
    I hope the eye and head are better soon.

    And thanks for the review of those green bags. My husband was talking about them just the other day.

    Kimberly :)

  6. Anonymous6:03 PM

    I think they're called eye pins. I've had my bag of jewelry supplies next to CampBedrest for a week now and so far...no jewelry has taken the initiative to make itself...Vicki at Hollyhocks.typepad.com

  7. Do you have a Rite Aid near you? I just saw them in their sale flier.

  8. So glad Jack is okay! Head injuries are SO scary.
    I've been using the green bags since you first mentioned them. In my ongoing quest to be less wasteful, I realized yesterday I need to take them to the grocery store with me. Currently I put the produce in the store provided bag and come home and transfer them to the green bags. Wasteful!
    Looking forward to the pics. :-)

  9. Anonymous12:45 PM

    I'm so glad Jack is ok! Nikayda fell down some steps at our friend's house when she was about 18 months old. She was fine. But once the swelling went down, she had a soft, slightly squishy, spot on her head for many, many months, which eventually went away.

    Thanks for the tips about the frames! {I've been staying away from my computer, getting stuff organized around the house, so I'm just catching up.}


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