Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Like the good old days

Saturday morning before our big adventure with Thomas, we went to a city wide yard sale. It was good. It will probably turn out to be my best haul for this summer. (Particularly if gas hits $6/gallon as predicted.)
I bought nearly all the fabric she had at the very first sale we stopped at. Gobs and gobs of vintage 1940-ish roses everywhere. There were 2 panels of these curtains;
Nearly 9 yards of this print, which reminds me of my tablecloths;
the sweetest vintage duvet cover with tiny roses all over (it needs to be mended on the bottom, but I have to get the sewing machine repaired still);
and several pieces of smaller fabrics like barkcloth and decorator weight fabrics.

So good. Really.
I also picked up this tiny cornucopia vase (I had just been admiring Barbara's small collection );
an old hatbox covered in wallpaper (all of my pictures are leaning lately, a bit bothersome!);
and something that made me squeal, a big pile of nutcups for crafting.

And there was more. One is being painted right now and I will try and get the rest onto Flickr as soon as Jack stops launching cat toys in the living room. LOL

I had better go get out the duct tape. :-)


  1. Anonymous2:45 PM

    That is really some beautiful fabric. I love the vase it is really unique.

  2. I love LOVE the fabric you found!

  3. Anonymous6:11 PM

    You really got lucky with the fabric! I love it.

  4. Anonymous6:14 PM

    Great fabric! And the nut cups! Sorry if I got another collection started...that's a really sweet vase!

  5. Those craft cups are a riot! Awesome colours.

  6. It's been a while since I found some great fabric! And boy, did you find some!

  7. I love the pretty pastels of the nut cups. I remember getting those in school at our parties. Memories.....;o)

  8. good grief! what a great haul!

  9. LOVE the nut cups, and of course; the fabric. I don't know which is more astonishing--the fab stuff you always come across, or the fact that you keep finding room in your house to put it all! lol.

  10. wow, you really scored! awesome fabrics, and i love the little craft cups :)

  11. Oh I am totally Jealous! Great fabric. I can't wait to see what you are painting.

  12. What great fabrics and finds you have there! Wow those nut cups are great! Do they still make them in colours? What a find if they don't!!!

    PS. the Martha show I saw the doily bowls on was several months ago but I only just found the product yeserday, I didn't think it was available in Australia until I finally found it!

  13. Score! What great fabric finds. And those nutcups. Oh dear.

  14. Anonymous7:48 AM

    WOW! what a lot of really great stuff, LOVE all the fabric. I am going to a big estate sale tomorrow, so hope to get some great stuff! OH and the nut cups, I have been looking for them too, they sell for too much on ebay, maybe I will luck out one of these days!

  15. Anonymous7:48 PM

    Nut cups! Can you hear me squealing, too?

  16. NUT CUPS! What a funny word (and a fabulous find!!) I love all the fabric, too. Glad you found a worthwhile sale. The gas thing is crazy, at least I have good public transportation but it doens' take me to flea markets or thrift stores! LOL



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