Friday, July 18, 2008

Imperfectly Perfect

Linda has asked everyone to share their imperfectly perfect homes this week. Those of you who visit me here often already know that pretty much everything here is imperfect. Really the only way that I can afford the things I love is to buy them previously loved, and rather than fight it, I usually just try and embrace it.

So, it was a challenge to try and find new things to show you. LOL

I bought this doily at a garage sale for a nickel several years ago. It was languishing in a drawer until 2 years ago when I decided I needed Valentine decorations for the house. I put it in an old frame I had kicking around with pink paper behind it, hung it up, and never took it down. I love that the embroidery is actually so amateurish. It says Be My Valentine I Love Yo (and part of the U).
You have seen the entire mirror here before when I have shown you the bedroom mantel, but I never showed you it's imperfection. There is a piece missing from the corner. It is a HUGE heavy old mirror, and I love the floral decoration on it. Because of the missing piece it was left behind at an estate sale that I didn't get to until after noon. $10 and it was mine. I just put a piece of pottery in front of the corner.
(You might have to click to enlarge this photo to see what I mean here, it's dark in our room this morning.) You probably remember that giant armoire I bought on the 127 sale last year. I spent a lot of time redoing it, painting it, putting wallpaper on it. About a week after it was in our bedroom parts of it started to turn pink.

The paint underneath that brown paint is bleeding through the white paint, and of course, I didn't think of priming it first. I thought those pink spots everywhere on it were going to drive me crazy and I would have to prime and repaint it. But you know what? Now I don't mind it. The spots *are* pink after all, why not just let it be?
Ahhhh, my small hallway. We live in a 1969 ranch, so all the bedrooms are off that hallway. It's filled with chippy old picture frames that are getting more chipped by the week. It's narrow and they do fall down when there is a busy three year old in the house.
Here is one of them that I am particularly fond of.

So, there you have it, more imperfectly perfect from our house to yours.

Sorry for the lack of Frugal Friday, I am a day behind, and I will get it up tomorrow.

Happy Friday to you!


  1. The bleeding pink paint only adds to the charm of the armoire.

    I love the hallway of frames. I did that with a big empty wall waaaaay back in 1993 and my family thought I had lost my mind. They didn't know I was truly ahead of the times.

    Does that beautiful blue chippy door lead anywhere or just for decoration?

  2. Love it! You would never know your home was from the 60's. It looks just like a twenty's cottage to me!

  3. I think imperfectly perfect is the most beautiful way to decorate! Thanks for all of the peeks! xo-Mel

  4. Ummmm, that blue door at the end of the could knock me over with a feather with the beauty of it...!!!

    I love everything you do...inspiring, you are!

    I linked to you on my "imperfect post". Thanks for joining in!


  5. It's sooo much better when you just look past the flaws... because really, it's all good. And nobody ever pays that much attention. I love your stuff, Sarah. And that door! Swoon.

  6. Love the chippy blue door! Simply charming!

  7. Anonymous9:18 PM

    I am flipping out over how much I love that doily!!

  8. I'd love to take a tour of your house and gander at all of your treasures!

    I'll be looking forward to your frugal post - I just got mine up (finally!). Here's the link:

  9. Your imperfectly perfect seems pretty perfect to me!
    Are you kidding me about that door at the end of the hall? BEAUTIFUL!!! Where did you pick that up?
    thanks for the peeks.

  10. Anonymous1:22 PM

    Every time I see pictures of your house, I love it. I don't think I've seen your hallway least not a straight shot of it like this. I love the *door* and all the frames!!

  11. There is nothing more 'perfect' than the imperfect things we have in our homes (ourselves included - well me anyway!)LOL
    Thanks for visiting and seeing how Riley and I were doing.

  12. I'm collecting frames now for a hallway full of quotes! Love what you have done here! And a LARGE MARJORITY of the stuff I use and enjoy on a daily basis is thrifted or second hand!

  13. That doily is so sweet. And I love the way you have decorated your "hall of doors." My house is set up the exact same way and it is so hard to get that hall to look decent! Love the blue door at the end.

  14. The embroidery is so sweet!

  15. Anonymous11:21 AM

    I love your hallway! We also live in a 35+ year old ranch, and have recently done a little kindergarten art gallery in the hall. But I like yours way better!


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