Friday, July 11, 2008

Loved enough

Last month I picked up this sweet duvet cover and while washing it I discovered a tear in the bottom.

I finally got around to doing something about it today, and I decided to just use steam-a-seam and applique a patch over it rather than try and mend it. (I purposely chose a contrasting fabric, I am ok with the imperfection.)
In a moment of funny coincidence, I picked up another vintage duvet cover at the thrift yesterday that has a nearly identical mend in the exact same spot. (I am sure it is from a husband's toenails, lol!)

I love that often old things have been mended or repaired. I like to think of it as them being loved enough to be worth hanging onto for someone. She could have tossed it, or cut it up, but she didn't. She took the time to mend it.

I feel good about taking the time to mend the white one. I love them enough to make them usable.
Yesterday we saw several of these very fuzzy white caterpillars on our big tree. When Jack saw them he said, "Mom, they are covered in cat hair."


(And sometimes I manage to take a picture where a close object is in focus but the things in the distance are fuzzy. I like those pictures, but have no clue how it happens? I don't touch any buttons on the camera unless under duress.)
And it's frugal Friday.

Jack and I went to the grocery store this morning.

It's getting scary. Really. Green onions 89 cents a bunch, red peppers $2 each, apples 75 cents each, green beans $2.49/lb, corn 5 ears $2.49.

Our grocery stores here all are locally owned, and I have never figured out a way to get the really great deals you can get with double coupons (very hard to find a store that does there, and if they do it's only up to 30 cents, so a 50 cent coupon is only 50 cents) or some of the other things I see online.

One thing I do manage to do is buy bulk spices. I cannot believe they want $4 for those tiny jars of spices in the supermarket. I buy mine here , which is local for me, but I still bought them from there when we lived in Florida. His shipping is very reasonable and his prices are cheap, cheap, cheap.

I keep mine in jars I bought at the flea market (a whole box of them for a dollar), but I see spice jars at yard sales all the time too. And look at what Breanna did her to spice jars, so cute!

My cabinet is totally full, maybe 30 or more spices for about $35.

If you want to try and find bulk spices locally, try an ethnic food store. They usually carry them too, just not as wide a variety as a spice shop.

If anyone would like to join in on frugal Fridays, give me a holler, I will post links to you next week on Friday. (And grocery ideas on that day are most welcome!)

Happy Friday to you!


  1. Anonymous12:05 PM

    I love your imperfect duvet cover! Actually it just adds to its vintage charm :-)! You certainly have a way to make things gorgeous! :-) What a great idea frugal friday is! Over here the food prices are sooo high, and I must admit not to be the best of shoppers...but with prices continuing to rise, I'm definitly going to follow your frugal ideas :-)!! You know the price of petrol here are 2,80 $ pr litre now...

  2. I love those duvet covers too. I think the little plaid patch is cute on the first one.
    I can't believe what you pay for produce. Corn is 4/1.00 here, fresh from the fields. I guess I'll take out hot, gross weather and enjoy our fresh produce from inside the house.

  3. Grocery prices *ARE* getting ridiculous. Milk really gets us, we go through several gallons a week.

  4. I too believe the holes were probably caused with a dh's tallon toenails, as I know mine has those kind!!!!

    We had 6 foot mutant caterpillars with red spots on their backs ( did a post about these on my blog), this according to my dh on a tree we bought, never managed to see them though to take a photo, infact never saw them period........wonder if dh had too much wine that day??

    Great blog.

    Gill from Canada.

  5. Your duvet covers are lovely- just like the ones I've been looking for! I went grocery shopping today with the goal of only buying local items...I didn't buy everything local, but I found local bread and local yogurt!! Your produce prices are quite high!! Right now from the farmer's market, the prices are quite reasonable, but we do pay the price in the winter!

  6. Good for you! Frugal Fridays is a great idea. If I find a great deal I'll talk about it too on a Friday. My July feels like it is slipping through my fingers like water. The duvet cover is darling.

  7. I just wanted to mention that I have started using the grocery game and using coupons. They have a website and a free trial, and if you are interested and have questions just post me a comment. I had to ask another blogger, but so far I’m pretty happy with it.

  8. Your duvet cover was much more cleverly done than mine. I just did a quick not so attractive quick stitch. Next time I'll try your idea. I love your frugal Friday idea. I'll try to remember to do a post. Have you ever looked into doing an order with Frontier? If you do an order of $200.00 (we do this as a co-op) then the shipping is free. Try this link to check out their prices.

  9. Anonymous7:32 PM

    I might be able to help you with your camera focus problem. If you're interested, send me an email.

  10. I love the duvet cover even more with the patch! Perfect! Thank you for initiating Frugal Fridays-the price of groceries is just insane... xo-Mel

  11. For the pictures, you sometimes get lucky and focus exactly on what you want. If you are ever feelin froggy, you should try the macro setting on super close up stuff. your camera should have it, it would look like a little flower, like a tulip :-)

  12. I've been meaning to do a frugal post - I've started doing a bit of couponing with ideas that I've found at and they don't involve double couponing. Some are at Wal Mart (which I hate to shop at, but a girl has to do what a girl has to do in these times) and there are some really great deals at CVS (we don't have any here) and Walgreens. She pretty much spells everything out for how to do it. I've gotten some pretty great deals since I started following her blog and I'm figuring out the game with a few of our local stores too.

  13. I'd like to join frugal fridays--are you just posting your bargains for the week or grocery store goodies?

    please email me at johl3 at windstream dot net so I know the details. I really need to tighten up the hatches here as well!

  14. Anonymous1:30 PM

    I agree that the grocery situation is getting ridiculous! Even more so, given that we have only two major chains in this town and, therefore, no competition (like you said...they don't have to offer any great deals). Seriously, I can shop at our new Whole Foods for the same price as Schnucks. I bet there's not another town on the planet where the prices at Whole Foods are comparable to a regular supermarket!

    I've been limiting my husband's milk intake, because he could finish off two gallons a week if I let him...and that's expensive!

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  16. I always feel a certain admiration for old things that have survived. Once I had to toss a chair that was broken and it hurt my feelings. I kept wanting to save it. My dh did not understand at all. I felt like I was tossing my grandma or something! I left it on the curb hoping someone with more skills would save it.

    I'm going to think of something for Frugal Friday!

  17. Maybe what you found is actually a kittpillar?

    I'm with you on the grocery thing. I'm finding I have to be very flexible and rethink the way I shop.

  18. Oh wow. I'm seriously jealous of your spice jars! Grocery prices are really starting to scare me too.

  19. I love the colors in your duvets! And it is getting really scary out there, isn't it? I wish my clock radio would wake me up in the morning with some good economic news for a change!

  20. Groceries sure are getting expensive.

    Bulk spices are an excellent way to save money! I was shocked at the cost difference between the bulk and the pre-packaged. Not only are you saving $$, but you aren't buying the plastic packaging. Good all around.

  21. Anonymous7:25 PM

    I always tell people about the St. Louis grocery mafia, and how expensive the prices are. I really dig your frugal Friday spices post. . .good work.

  22. frugal friday - good idea. i will try and come up with something for this week, even if it isn't too original. at our grocery, the little bags of spices in the "mexican" section are usually cheaper than the regular spices, but not as cheap as bulk elsewhere, most likely.
    and for the pics- i use the "manual" setting, leave the flash off, step away and zoom in. (sometimes it works for me and sometimes it doesn't - i also am somewhat clutzy at the camera settings.)
    wish i could find a cute comforter like that...

  23. I'd love to join in on your Frugal Friday's. I'll try to make sure I post a frugal tip each week (and I'll link back to you). Frugality is a bit of an obsession with me! :)

    I use the coupon clippers for my coupons ~ they're great!

  24. Thanks for the cheaper spices tip. I've been avoiding buying a few because I can't bring myself to pay the grocery store prices right now with everything else being so expensive.

    Cheers! LA

  25. I love the frugal Fridays idea! I love telling people about our great deals and steals. :)


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