Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A potholder?

Awhile back I picked up this potholder at a neighbor's yard sale. I love the tiny pieces of old fabric all patchworked together like this, but it was getting fragile and I was never going to use it as a potholder.
The back side is a little burned from use.
One day while I was flipping through my address book I thought I should make a cover for the ugly thing. As it turned out the potholder was the same size as the address book.

So I spent forever picking all the seams and stitches out of it so I could very gently wash it. Then I ironed it onto a fusible interfacing to try and stabilize the fabrics a bit.

A little bit of requilting, some pockets, and some binding and voila! a new address book cover. The binding is really messy on the inside, I took the lazy way out and just sewed it with the machine. It never looks nice that way, does it? LOL

Of course I couldn't just leave the dividers as they were with the sweet new cover, so I pasted some old wallpaper over them.

Now if everyone would stop moving so the pages wouldn't always be filled with scribbles!

P.S. Look at what BettyNinja has in her Etsy shop! A groovy bag all of your own.

We are not even going to discuss how much I want that flower garden quilt in her Etsy shop. If only I could win that pesky lottery...


  1. I love how you find new uses for other things. Just great!

  2. I have a Sponge Bob address book, very sturdy but not real attractive for a 40-year-old woman. What a neat idea to make a cover for it, yours is just too cute!

    I happen to have some unfinished 1-patch doll quilts... Must go check this out!!


  3. what a great idea!!!!

  4. Very clever address book cover! So many fun ideas out there, maybe if I got off the computer I could make something cute:)

  5. I love this idea, very clever.

    so glad you have your machine back.

  6. I love to see you re-purposing this - it looks like you cut up a quilt (which I know you would never do), but you didn't.

  7. Anonymous4:46 PM

    Another brilliant idea! I'm a sucker for vintage patchwork.

    It makes such a pretty address book cover!

    And, that garden quilt - wow. That's a beauty.

    I've been thinking about you. How are things going with your little man?

    ~ Jennifer

  8. That is such a cute way to repurpose that pot holder. I really need a check book cover. You've got me thinking now!

  9. oh i got scared when i started reading this post, that pot holder was so pretty, i was afraid you were going to cut it up
    but i like your cover, what a clever idea!

  10. Anonymous11:11 PM

    It's sweet. It's great how you re-purpose...and, I love imperfect. Love how you mended the duvet, too.

  11. I have apair of old handmade quilted oven mitts that I have been trying to reurpose myself. I don'twant to change them, so for now, they are hanging on a hook holding some flowers.

  12. EEK! I love what you did with that potholder! I'm so glad that something that seems to have been created with love has a new and very lovely life! Your creativity, my friend, is inspirational! xo-Mel

  13. You are so clever! Everything you do has such fun vintage flare. Love it.

  14. That's a great idea-I never would have thought of that!!!! I've left you a little treat on my blog-enjoy!

  15. Anonymous6:52 AM

    The address book turned out perfect! Great work!

  16. It looks like it is new...That is too cute and I love the wallpaper tabs!

  17. Oh my gosh - that is wonderful! So pretty! : )

  18. Hi Sara! It's been awhile, hasn't it? Shame on ME!

    Love what you did with the address book. I also love how you think of something then do it. I have a bad case of inertia. Hard to overcome.

    You asked about the thing in the second picture of my blog today. Is the picture really that small? Some day I'll take the time to start putting in links to larger pictures. Right now, I'm just proud to have anything on there. LOL The thing is an enamel or graniteware utensil rack with a rounded bottom for brushes and stuff. Hmmm. Maybe I need to go back and put a caption under some of those pictures.....

  19. What a lovely use of a potholder !!!! Clarice

  20. That's perfect!
    I'm so glad you recued and reused that lovely little piece of patchwork.
    Great fabrics!

    Kimberly :)

  21. Anonymous10:46 PM

    I love that you did this! You're a crafty genius!!

  22. wow! Looks terrific! I LOVE to look at things with a new purpose!

  23. Anonymous9:11 PM

    very cute! Great idea.

    Have you thought about writing in pencil?


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