Thursday, July 17, 2008

Well, there's my sign

Bill Engvall does this comedy routine called "Here's your sign", which I have always found amusing. (Yes, I like redneck humor.) So when I walked into the thrift store, after the longest day of my life with Jack yesterday and found this Mother's Prayer, I couldn't help but thinking it was my sign.

Dave has been out of town, so Jack and I are on our own. Yesterday he was up from 6 am until 11 pm. I started to totally lose my shit around 8 pm when I was trying to watch Project Runway and he would not just go to bed. On and on and on and on and it went. When I dropped him off at school I thought I should go home and go back to bed, but I am having anxiety that is making sleeping impossible right now.

Besides, my little voice kept calling me to the thrift. And there this was, in a spot where it didn't belong, on top of the pillows right next to the tablecloths, which are always my first stop.

Sorry for the crap photo, but here is what it says:
Dear Lord:
Thank you for this child
That I call mine,
Not my possession
But my sacred charge.
Teach me patience and humility
So that the best I know
May flow into it's being.
Let me always remember -
Mother love is my natural instinct
But my child's love
Must ever be deserved and earned;
That for love, I must give love,
That for understanding, I must give understanding,
That for respect, I must give respect;
That as I was the giver of life,
So must I be the giver always,
With no planned returns.
Help me to share my child with life
And not to clutch at it for my own sake.
Give me courage to do my share
To make this world a better place
For all children, and my own.

Ruth Rochelle

It has to be a sign, right? :-)
And did anyone else see this ad in the new issue of Living? I was wondering how long the gig with Michael's was going to last. It seems like there has been no new stuff of Martha's there for ages, no holiday stuff for the fourth, etc.

In case you can't read the ad the small print at the bottom says Martha Stewart create available at Wal-mart.


P.S. My darling, dear, sweet, beloved child is tooting in my face while I am trying to write. I am going to need a lot of strength Lord. You better send some extra and quick.


  1. Love the poem!! I sssoo feel your pain about being on your own with Jack. I am married to a commercial airline pilot and I have two very crazy active little boys (ages 5 & almost 3). I like to refer to myself as a "Sometimes Single Mom"

    You can always email me if you want to vent, chat or cry! Trust me, I've been there! :)

  2. Oh honey, I can SO relate. Really. Here's hoping he wore himself out last night so he'll go to bed like a little lamb tonight. Right? ;)

    On the Martha stuff--Michael's only had an exclusive contract with MS for a limited amount of time, after which it would be fair game for anyone (Wal-Mart, scrapbooking stores, etc) Now, I have never bought a single thing of hers without my trusty 40% off coupon, so there is NO way I'm going to be buying it for full price at Wal-Mart. And the little scrapbook stores have a hard enough time competing with the big box stores, that why would they want to carry it when they also know it can be purchased with a coupon at Mike's? They'd be crazy.

    Don't you just think it irks ol' Martha a bit to know that her stuff is being sold to the 'unwashed masses' at Wal-Mart? (Even though she has her deal with KMart) Especially since she made such a to-do about how she was the savior of the craft world, finally bringing some class to the world of plastic canvas and ugly scrapbook papers. Woo, you should have heard how pissed the scrapbookers were after that comment! LOL

  3. I saw the Martha line at Wal-Mart about a week ago and i was really surprised. I thought she was totally a Kmart, Sears, Michael's gal. Now I wonder if W-mt will have all her products.

    As for Jack, well, what can I say? Surely it will get beter, right? ;o)

  4. Thank you so much for typing out the prayer. I have a feeling I will have it memorized by the time Leila is 18, er make that 3!

  5. I love that print.
    and How well did that fit my post?!
    If you ever come across another please let me know.

  6. Love the little poem. Very sweet :).

    I have never purchased anything of Martha's, except some of the wrapping paper that was on clearance for $1. I heard that people were finding things at Wal-Mart but hadnt seen any in there.

  7. I am so sorry, but him tooting in your face as you typed made me really LOL! I know I can relate. I feel your pain totally. I missed Project Runway during the first airing because of bedtime too. It seems like whenever you have something in mind to do that is when they (Jack) have plans of their own!

  8. What is with them airing PR at 8pm? I thought it was always at 9pm. Anyways, I missed the first airing, too. It was so good!! squeal!

    Anyways, don't you love gentle reminders? :)

  9. I saw that ad this week too...maybe Michael's only had a year-long (or longer?) deal.

  10. Oh I know about bedtime. We pu the kids to bed at 9, no later, because at 9 is mommy/daddy tv. But there are a few shows on at 8 that I usually miss because of the kids. Another complaint? Kid shows starting at 8 and ending at 10. Uh, no? I can't have them awake at 10!

    Sorry Jack was giving you a hard time. Our Oldest is like that, constantly geting out of bed and starting every sentence with "I just wanted to tell you something..." and it always ends up with her telling me "...I love you" How do you stay mad at that?

  11. Oh such a sign! I remember the days of bedtime stalling- now with the youngests both being 8 I find that I hold on to them a little longer at night...

    I saw that add wonder what kind of prices her things will have?

  12. Anonymous9:57 PM

    I think if the thrift gods really wanted to help...they would have cracked the glass on the picture and left an ice cold six pack of Corona and a fat lime on top of that pile...Don't mind me... it's the swollen legs and heartburn talking...Vicki at Hollyhocks

  13. I just the small display of Martha at Walmart. I had no idea. Bummer because Michaels did have a big section of Martha and Walmart had a small 3 foot section which was pitiful.
    I own a tiny part of the Martha empire.. I hope she gets busy.

  14. The prayer: definitely a sign. Martha at Wal-Mart: definitely a sign the economy is tanking.

  15. So sorry you're on your own! Ucck! I'm such a wimp about being home alone with my kids when it's not between 7 and 5!

  16. redneck humor makes me laugh too. there. i said it. don't tell my hubby. hope jack gives you some rest. and i love the prayer so much. i need that sign preety much all the time.

  17. Anonymous6:47 AM

    I just saw an ad for AC Moore and they are going to be carrying marthas line as well. I didn't have ac moore in ca, but do here and I love it!

    I have been having sleepless nights as well, it is not fun!!!!!!!!

  18. Strength, strength, strength. All the good things that I have to look forward too. And I thought this time was being a bit...difficult.

  19. As a kid, my grandmother had that poem on her fridge. Now I'm wondering what happened to it...humm, I'll have to ask her. I just bought the new Martha and plan on spending the afternoon drinking iced tea and reading it.

  20. Matt works away during the week too so I know what it's like. Here's hoping he slept better last night and will again tonight x

  21. Wish I could tell you that things get easier as the boys get older. I do have a very trying 14 yr. old, but I would NOT go back to the toddler days for ANYTHING.

    I'll send you a cyber (((HUG))))

  22. Sarah-

    What a beautiful reminder for all moms-of the littles and the bigs (as in the 12 1/2 year olds who think they are very big...)! I didn't know Martha was now part of the evil Walmart-I'm going to have to go check it out!


  23. oh i am so laughing at that last bit!! tooting in your face! cherish this time now. really. it really does go all to soon. pain in your patootie and all!!i would def call that a sign. did you buy it? i would love it to remind me, that was a really nice saying
    hmmm my michaels categorically wont let you use a coupon with the ms line. im surprised there is a place where you can. are other michaels like that??


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