Thursday, August 28, 2008


Well, usually I would break all of this up into several posts, but given my computer challenged state at the moment, you will just have to forgive one large post. :-)

We've been busy!

the last minor league baseball game of the season (the weather was positively AMAZING);

Giant (hard to photograph) spider webs all over our yard, and the changing of seasons as the light starts to fade earlier, the firewood starts to stack up and the mums start to bloom;

the cutest table at a garage sale, that I actually left behind the first time and went back for, and then nearly ran away screeching when she sold it to me for $9 (except that I have decided to completely tear apart my sewing room in order to use it in there);

lots of ball (Jack must have asked me 20 times at the baseball game when they were going to allow the children to play with them);

to throw a ball;

to vintage golden books on records, thank you Sue!;

a summer quilt that is taking forever, the cutest Halloween project and more. (This was just a quick shot I snapped to remind myself later of the layout I settled on, obviously there are no award winning pictures in this post, lol!)

No computer = lots of making.

We are off to the 61 yard sale tomorrow, and I am so excited! Even Jack is looking forward to it.

P.S. I miss you guys! Tons. Happy Holiday weekend. :-)


  1. Anonymous7:22 PM

    Wishing you lots of luck at the sale. I love mile after mile of great junk.
    P.S. I don't think I've ever been first to comment on one of your posts.

  2. sooo jealous of the table! I have the chairs that match!

  3. Hi Sarah you have been busy.
    Great table.
    Have a fun weekend

  4. we miss you too - here's hoping that computer is on it's way and gets to you pronto! In the meantime, enjoy! (It looks like you're already doing a good job of that!)

  5. Not jealous of the yard sale - really I'm not!

  6. You guys have been up to lots of fun times. That table is a great find!!! I can't wait to see what you find at the yard sales!!!! Have a great holiday!

  7. What a cute little table! And what a nasty web! lol. Have fun at the sale!

  8. Anonymous8:22 AM

    Have so much fun at the yard sale, I wish I could go with you:) Love the quilt it is super pretty. You have an award to pick up at

  9. I am going to love that quilt when you finish it. I cannot wait to hear about the 61 miles of goodies. Do us proud!!

  10. Anonymous1:10 PM

    CUTE table!!

    And I'm so glad Jack is enjoying the records! :)

  11. Anonymous2:46 PM

    I love that style table! I have two, but yours is in far better shape then either of mine! Awesome find.

  12. Anonymous4:59 PM

    Looks like you've got a lot done and had fun!!

  13. Hope you have a great time at the yard sale! Looks like tons-o-fun!

    We're being over run by the spiders here, too. I clear webs away from the front porch EVERYDAY! And by the next morning there they are, back again.

    And LOVE your 9.00 table. So cute!
    Enjoy your long weekend!
    Kimberly :)

  14. That table is darling! I'd love to have something like that to put my machine on. Can't wait to see your 61 Sale treasures. :)

  15. That's one cute table! If I could only be so lucky! I have had flute rehearsals on Saturday mornings during all of August. Oh, how I have missed going to yard sales.


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