Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Halloween Bottle Brush Trees

If you read using a feed reader, there will be two posts, one for the show and tell type pictures and one post with a tutorial.
At some point last week I got a serious bee in my bonnet about Halloween bottle brush trees. I had to make them NOW NOW NOW. But I had other projects I had to finish first. I finally got them finished yesterday, and they are so fun! I made 21 in this batch.
There is a candy corn colored Boo tree;
there are trees with eyes (I would have preferred a different kind of eye, but I couldn't seem to find what I wanted and didn't want to spend yet more time making them, but maybe later I will);
there are ghosts hiding behind trees;
there are glittery spiders and spider webs;
these are my FAVORITE, flying bats!;
one with my only vintage Halloween cupcake topper on top;
and a big candy corn tree with vintage glass beads on it.

All of the decorations (aside from the glass beads and the cupcake topper) are things you can scavenge up from big box stores, party stores, etc. The bats, ghosts, witch hats and BOO are cut from Halloween garlands. The spiders are spider rings that I glittered with Martha glitter. The spider webs are those packaged things you string on your porch.

Cute huh?

Directions for making your own are in the next post.


  1. TOO COOL! I'm don't have much of a 'craft gene', but for Halloween, I may be able to muster enough for this project - LOVE THEM!!

  2. Anonymous12:20 PM

    OMG these are super cute, I now need to make them too, maybe tomorrow I will run out and get the goodies to make them! So fun, and the tutorial is very easy to understand! I am hosting a fun christmas swap, so come check it out. http://roseylittlethings.com

  3. Anonymous2:07 PM

    these made my day, especially after seeing a way too scary halloween display today!

  4. Freak'n crazy fun! Love at first sight!!!

  5. Those are so stinking fun! Maybe next year I'll try to make some. No chance of squeezing it in this year!

  6. Those are totally awesome! (said in my best Valley Girl voice lol)

    I feel like such a slacker now.

  7. Anonymous5:53 PM

    These are adorable. I may have to try these next week. Your blog just makes me want to get in gear and get decorating.

  8. They are so beautiful!!!! You are very talent and creative!!! The tutorial is very easy to follow. And pretty soon you will see my designs too, I am working on that. Thanks!!!

  9. Wow, they look fantastic!


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