Monday, September 22, 2008

Hello Autumn.

I've been busy working on a really cute project that I am excited to share with you, but I need another day or two. So I thought I would revisit some of my favorite autumnal photos from years past.
A pumpkin full of sunflowers from Jack's number "free" burfday party decorations.
A fall tablecloth that can come back out of hiding.
A 2 year old Jack clutching his pumpkin treasure at Carl's farm.
Our big tree shows it's autumnal colors. (It was spectacular that year!)
A sweet owl table runner. (That wasn't with the Halloween decor this year and is temporarily in no man's land. I am now determined to find it.)
And a sweet three year old Jack amongst the pumpkins.

I love fall.


Welcome back.

P.S. Who is watching the new 90210? Come on, fess up, I know someone is! I read an article in Nylon before it premiered that went on and on about how lame the original was and how "edgy" the new version would be. Umm, yea. Sure. I am watching it, and I like it, but edgy? Not so much. And I KNEW they were going to make Dylan that baby's daddy. LOL


  1. love the owl table runner...hope you find it!

  2. oh, i love these pictures! thanks for sharing!

  3. Sh, I am watching it but don't tell. I don't think it's edgy. And sorry but I thought Brandon was going to be babies daddy. What supposedly happened to Dylan anyways? I don't remember what happened to him in the original one?

  4. That table runner. Awesome.

  5. My hubby was a HUGE 90210 fan, me not so much. He's made me sit through an episode of the new one and its ok. I'd rather watch something fun like Sarah Connor or Fringe.

    You better find that owl fabric girl! 'cause I want to come over and steal it!LOL I hope it turns up soon for you(and I hope you didn't cut it up!).

  6. wow, love that tablecloth! fall is the best. :-)

  7. i love those owls, too, i tried to watch the first show, forgot it was on, watched a bit and promptly forgot to watch it again. oh well. i am tempted, however, to rent the old episodes, espeically the years after they finished high school because i didn't even realize that the show went on! (lost interest/out of the country for a while.)
    so dylan is whose father? and how did they explain where he is? maybe i will have to watch now...

  8. Since we have no cable or reception, I watched no 90210. But I did watch "What I Like About You." with Jennie Garth when we did have cable. I can't believe we are missing all the season premieres...

    Fun fall decor. Can't wait to see your project

  9. Anonymous9:36 PM

    Love these Fall pictures...time for pumpkins.

  10. Anonymous4:15 AM

    Hey! I had flowers-in-pumpkins on all of the tables at our wedding reception! Cool!

    I love the photo of Jack at two years ...

  11. I'll fess up. I am watching it. So far I'm not liking it very much. Maybe because I don't care for Annie. Maybe it will get better. I agree with the other commenter about Fringe - it's really good!

    Great autumnal photos. It's going to be 80 here today and I want cooler weather!

  12. I'm in love with your owl table runner too - has it shown up yet?

  13. Jack, pumpkins and owl - what could be cuter?

  14. such cute pics of your lil man, he's grown so much! Fall is definitely my favorite time of the year.


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