Friday, September 05, 2008

I'm baaaaaccccckkkkkk

Well, my new toy is here. Isn't she hot? LOL I still feel all discombobulated though. I have to work out how to use Vista and I have lost all my bookmarks* and all that jazz.

But regular blogging should resume momentarily. Speaking of the blog, holy hell it looks ugly on this machine. The font is totally WACKADOODLE as Suede would say.

(Photo from Dell.)
And now some long overdue business. My gorgeous doll quilt swap arrived from my partner Robyn . Isn't it a beauty? I love that little bit of pink on the binding.
And the sweet print on the back! I love it. Thank you Robyn!

Sorry the photos are a bit blinding. It is cold and rainy here. (Yes, cold. In St Louis. In September. I am pretty certain we are in some bizarre wormhole.)
We managed to take Jack mini golfing for the first time last weekend. (When it was still warm and sunny!)
If there is one thing that is certain, it's that there is no denying that this boy is mine. I remember going mini golfing with my grandma when I was small and I was so infuriated with the task of trying to get that little ball into that impossible hole that I threw a massive fit and threw the ball as I hard as I could into the air, over the fence and well beyond the mini golf place.

Jack actually tried to putt, oh, once. Then he resorted to throwing the ball into the hole. LOL Nevermind that though, he had a grand time and was asking when he could go again before we were back to the car.

He and I went to the zoo today and rode the train round and round and round until I was so cold I had to call uncle and send us on our way. The chill in the air is awesome though, and my little assistant reminds me every single day that all the stores have their Halloween up and he is not so patiently waiting for us to have ours up too. It's a good thing I bought the Halloween jammies today.

In fact, he is watching the great pumpkin without me! And I want to go join in.

Be back tomorrow with a completed Halloween craft for you. (After we go apple picking. Is the world starting to spin faster with Autumn on the way, or is it just me?)

* Erm, I don't always have every single blog I read on my bloglines. If it seems like you haven't seen me around your blog in a coon's age, it's possible I have lost the link. Leave a comment so I can find you again please? Thanks. :-)


  1. Anonymous2:14 PM

    yea for your new laptop! i just got a dell too (mines sunny yellow!) and i'm in love! i turn on my old one and immediately wonder how i ever saw anything on it because the screen is so grey. my only fault with the dell is the no back button on the keyboard but at least i have one on my mouse.

    love the mini quilt!

  2. Anonymous3:30 PM

    I cannot wait until we can take the monkeys for a trip to STL and do the zoo and science center. they were my favorite places as a kid!! Oh and the Magic House. LOVE the Magic House!!

  3. Pretty new laptop! I hope you get used to vista, I've several friends who couldn't and went back to XP.

    Love the pretty print fabric on the back of the mini quilt.

  4. YAY on the new computer!! We got Vista when we got this computer and I dont think it's too bad.

  5. Anonymous5:01 PM

    Oh, don't lose me! It's like 99 degrees and humid here. Maybe our weather got exchanged?

  6. I'm so glad you are back!!! :-) ~ don't know if you ever visit my blog or not...but I just wanted to say "welcome 'home'" ~Jessica

  7. Anonymous5:51 PM

    Jack, that little sweetheart, is growing like a weed, isn't he? That was cute about him trowing the ball in the hole. Smart kid. He worked that problem out just fine.

    Enjoy your new toy!

  8. Anonymous5:59 PM

    I had the same problem with my old computer but I managed to upload all my book marks from my old computer onto delicious (a bookmarking website) which helped a bit though it is not exactly the same. Mini golf looks like just the thing we need round here:)

  9. How cute it that picture of little determined Jack golfing??? What a cutie. Love the doll quilt too!

  10. Ohhhhh...I'm still in the process of moving everything over to my new Vista laptop too! How fun!

    And very very cute quilt!

  11. Loverly new laptop there, the color is just perfect! My parents got my girls the green one for Christmas last year(I'm so jealous) and they just love it!

    And adorable little doll quilt!

    We have a mini-golf place in our mall called Lunar Golf. Everything is lit with black lights and there are these huge, fabulous murals on the walls of dinosaurs, aliens, volcanoes, ships, it is just the coolest place with 3 whole courses. My kids just whack the ball and if they don't make it in several tries they just drop it in.

    Can't wait to see the Halloween craft! I'm in the "what the heck am I gonna do for Halloween" stage myself.


  12. I've had a new computer for months and have yet to have it hooked up for fear of losing my bokmarks and photos, not to mention everything looking weird. And, I have to tackle the WIFI so I can use the laptop too. I have got to bite the bullet and DO IT! Maybe I'll just call a Computer Geek. Are they hot? ;o)

  13. Anonymous7:30 PM

    Love the new laptop, soo pretty. Vista was weird for me to get use to also. Love the doll quilt sooo pretty!!! Glad you are back:)

  14. I'm loving that quilt too. I think I know what needs to go on my walls - a quilt and that vintage linen banner I keep talking about making...

  15. So glad you are back! Saw the comment about the magic House in St. Louis- A favorite of our kids-so excited about their new expansion!! We have to get to the City Museum too!

    kari & kijsa

  16. Halloween already? I guess it is that time of the year, although it has been hotter than dickens here. Maybe we need to go mini-golfing as well. Enjoy your new computer!

  17. Is your laptop pink? I love it! I got a new laptop too... My husband's old one LOL! That is how it goes at our house LOL! I loved playing mini golf as a kid. Jack looks adorable on the greens ;) Thanks for the sweet Birthday Wishes for Gina!

  18. WOW WEE girl...fancy looking for that boy of yours...hes growing FAST!!!

  19. woohoo on the new laptop! Vista slowed the heck out of my machine, but I tweaked it a little... good luck with that. :)

    That mini quilt is darling. I loooove the binding. So very cool. Aren't you lucky? xoxo

  20. That quilt is lovely!

    Yay for a new computer! Did you get yours in pink? I have a dell in blue that I love (although it took me forever to pick out the color, you have to have your priorities straight right :) I actually use online bookmarking, that way I don't have to worry about losing my bookmarks if my computer ever did crash...

  21. such a pretty quilt!! i too love that little bit of pink. nice new baby, and yes vista is weird to get used to, but i got my laptop a year ago this march and i havent had any problems with it.


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