Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hapde Burfday Baby

My Dearest Jack,

Today you are 4. I will fully admit that there have been many days this past year when I wasn't sure it would ever get here. Wow, what a year it was.

For me, one of the best and worst parts of parenting is that time keeps on ticking. Somehow we keep marching forward, through good and bad. One of nature's best evolutionary tactics perhaps?
You have done a lot of amazing work this year. You've learned how to spell, how to read, how to write, how to count to 100, how to dress yourself, how to use the potty, how to make friends, and so much more.

You've started to dream of bigger things: driving cars (to buy your own candy), eating cake for dinner (good luck to you there!), being a fireman or a race car driver, going to kindergarten (and wondering if mommies go with their babies, sniff), and plenty of other things too.
You've struggled a lot too. Are you a baby or a big kid? How can you be independent from me? Where do you draw the line between doing what is asked of you and being your own person?

And there have been tears. Oceans and oceans of tears.

I guess it's been hard to imagine you are a person separate from mommy and daddy, eh?
In years past there have only been glimpses of the man you will be. This year I am pretty certain I can see that man *right* there...what traits are here to stay, which are passing fads. Four years in there seems to be little doubt about who you are.

And you are still my sunshine.

I love you baby boy. (Yes, I know, you aren't a baby, you are kid now.)

I hope that the coming year brings more peace of mind and less struggle. An easier journey to number five is certainly well deserved this year. (And yes, I also know you want the numbers to go faster and that you won't eat salad until you are 61, but let's just get used to number four first, ok?)

With all my love,



  1. Hapde Burfday Jack! What a big boy you are becoming! I know that little man in there is shining through! Enjoy the next 365 days full of new things, wonder and excitement! And most importantly, go easy on your Mama!

  2. Sarah,
    You made me cry! Reading your post I was recalling some of the difficult moments you have shared with us and I am just so thrilled that you are able to look back on this year with joy (and a little relief). I hope this day was as special for you as it was for Jack.

    Hapde Burfday, Jack!


  3. Hapde Burfday, Jack! May year #4 be filled with adventure and happiness and learning and fun. :) (And a little more breathing time for your sweet Mama! ;)

  4. Happy Happy Birthday to Jack! I love his # 4 shirt! The years go by so fast, I have no idea how I will handle kindergarten either ;)

  5. Happy Birthday Jack!
    Sarah, you brought tears to my eyes! Your carnival looked like a blast and I'm sure you're little man loved it! And like I said in my last comment four is WAY EASIER than three!!!!

  6. Sigh. What a treasure that letter is. Hapde Bufday Jack. Hapde Mother's Day Mama!

  7. Very sweet post. Happy Birthday, Jack!

  8. Anonymous11:08 PM

    Happy Burfday Jack.


  10. Anonymous4:54 AM

    What a stylish four year-old you have :) Happy Birthday, Jack!

  11. Hapy birthday, big boy!!!

  12. Four is such a good Burfday number - havea great year Big Kid!!!

  13. Congrats, Mama and Happy Day, Jack! My four year old likes to call himself a baby kid. I imagine that works for Jack, too. Here's to another year of great adventures....... Cheers! LA

  14. Happy belated birthday Jack! I can't believe what a big boy you have become since I've been following your mommy's stories on this blog. May this coming year be the bestest one ever - for you all!

    Hugs from us all (Kiki too!)!

  15. Anonymous5:02 PM

    Just read your mommy's letter to you and it was a real tear-jerker! Been there and still going there. It never ends - you are always a mom no matter how big, how far away, how close, or distant everything is.....I still see the same little face in my mind and heart! So, Sarah, your letter was not only heartfelt, but expressed what all lovoing mothers feel. This needs to be published!
    Big Daddy's mama

  16. in all my blog reading procrastination, I have missed Jack's b-day. Happy Late Birthday Jack!


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