Thursday, October 23, 2008

On the eighth day of Halloween

On the eighth day of Halloween, the Great Pumpkin gave to me:
One very vintage Halloween photograph, a most awesome gift from Jen at Scissors Paper Glue (sorry the scan quality is so poor, vista doesn't recognize my printer anymore and scanning is a real disaster);
one super cute black kitty treat bucket (why don't they make cats anymore?);
and two super fun games of rainy day bowling.
Jack was really getting into it.


Only one more week until Halloween!!!! I need to go make something. Stat.

P.S. Comments appear back to normal now? I am sure this will be a month long pain in the rear end. LOL Sorry if you can't read the comments while they are switching things around. I had nothing to do with the font size when they went to the "new and improved" (NOT) comment form. Aye.


  1. Oh, look, I can leave a comment (I think!) I love that kitty bucket. And Jack's expression. Where do they learn that? p.s. I'm on board with the swap. Will email later.

  2. Love the vintage picture! vista wouldn't recognize my printer until I went to HP(printer brand) and downloaded software for vista. maybe that might help? kim

  3. Do you remember when you bought your Halloween costume in a box? I love that photo!

  4. Isn't Jen the sweetest? That photo is awesome! And the mercury glass pumpkin, too. Your Halloween stash is amazing.


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