Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Breaking it to you gently

In my world, there are 4 kinds of projects:
Easy to do, love the results;
Satan (a.k.a. Martha) made me do it and I thought I would never live to see the end, but love the results;
I made me do it and it was tedious as all get out, but love the results;

and what the hell was I thinking (a.k.a. this is a lot of frustration for nothing)?!?!?
I saw these wreaths in some old Matthew Mead holiday magazine. Oh, I love them, I thought. Must make them! Now!
But honestly? What the hell was I thinking*? This one is just plain horrible. Yea, yea, the greens need to be trimmed and it never got a ribbon. But do you know why? Matthew suggests using magnets to hold those tins on. I tried hot glue. Again and again and again I tried hot glue. Hot By the time it was ready to have some sort of embellishment on it I was ready to chuck the whole damn thing into the yard.

Actually, I still might.

I can't believe I actually got a picture of it with all the pieces on it. They were falling all over the floor as I was taking it down.

So much for a cute advent wreath that would help Jack count down the days to Santa Claus. (My husband says he has no clue what the thing is even supposed to say. LOL)
And then there is this beast. You see I have pom pon maker which is supposed to make this job all flowers and butterflies or something. Instead it means it takes FOREVER to make these things. And this tiny wreath? It took so, so many pom pons. I had to watch National Lampoon's Christmas vacation many times over to make them all.

And for what?

I am so not impressed with this wreath. I mean I don't hate it. Really. But it was way too much work for the result.

I might chuck it into the yard too.


So how about you? Have a what the hell was I thinking craft project you are willing to show us? I will link to every one you have to show on Friday if you are brave enough to bare your crafty soul.

Come on. You know you want to.

*I should have known something was amiss when I saw the directions. They were very, very, very vague. At least Martha makes your head spin, ya know?

P.S. Sorry Linda . I know he is your BFF. :-)


  1. LOL. I was watching Marth yesterday. She had Steve Harvey on and he was not. at. all. impressed with the pom pom maker! It was very funny. They were making turkey place card holders. It took two homemade pom poms per person. Adorable! Way. too. much. work!

    I am in for Friday!

  2. I've never been overly impressed with Matthew Mead's projects, I don't know why. I picked up his latest mag and flipped through it and thought I might give it a go but for seventeen dollars, no thanks! I think Martha's projects are nicer and she does give much better (if overly detailed) directions...

    I might have something to share on Friday, most things like that I like to think of as "unfinished" rather than junk! Maybe all we need is to post our "unfinished" stuff and people will tell us how to get it out of the toilet tank!

    PS. That glittered branch is to.die.for.

  3. You are so funny, love it. I think we have all made things that didn't turn out the way we hoped. I will dig around and see what I can find. sometimes I just pitch them, so we will see. We are to post on Friday?

  4. Oh, I guess I'll forgive you ;) !!
    My personal favourite of those projects you showed is the top one - that little vintagey village under the dome is to die for!

    Now, I'm off to look for all the pieces to make my own...

  5. Before you chuck the advent wreath, why don’t you try different glue? There is a glue that I used to attach shells to a wooden framed mirror, but I can’t remember the exact name of it. I think it’s 3200 glue? It comes in a gray tube. I always see it on the impulse aisle before the registers at Michaels. It is a strong glue, and it worked well for my project. It just smells really strong. I think the wreath is just too cute to throw away!

  6. I"m loving the top three photos. That glitter twig must have been a pain, but it's gorgeous.

    I don't think I have finished any projects that frustrated me half-way....I just chuck 'em. But I am so curious to see everyone's goods.

  7. that stinks that the projects took so long and didnt turn out how you hoped. i will have to think on this to see if i can come up with all your projects, especially that first one!! i bought a bunch of houses on ebay last year and havent done anything with them yet.

  8. Target has an advent wreath made of little round boxes. It is adorable. I am thinking of picking it up for G. I have way to many projects on my plate for Christmas to attempt making one.

  9. ahaha you are such a crackup! I have a few projects like that BUT I don't dare post the pics...I'll leave that up to you LOL!

  10. I always enjoy these stories because its like living my young mothery life all over again. I did manymany Martha projects over the years. I made a croque-en-bush (can't remember the actual spelling) one Christmas a la Martha.She was still married to Andy, that's how long ago. Spent ages spinning that sugar and with thehumidity it all melted before serving. We still talk about it when remembering the holidays. I love Martha, have since her PBS years. And I love reading about your adventures.

  11. Well, at least you have those first adorable projects to fall back on (I LOVE them!). I'll have to give the bad project some thought -- I'm sure I've done some, but I probably didn't keep them 'cause they're so painful!

  12. Okay, wicked funny post! I love your attempts at crafts for the holidays and I love your good humor about it!

  13. Thanks for making me laugh! I tried the Martha Stewart Jar Snow Globes one year and they totally did not work - but they were so cute in the mag! I usually just get inspired by something and do it my own way - I have never been great at following directions anyway! Ha!

    BTW - the first 3 turned out super cute - 3 out of 5 ain't bad.

  14. I forgot to mention that I'm sure tha I have lots of those kinds of projects to share. It's going to be hard picking just one . . .

  15. I've said it before, but I love the branch with the birds. It's so pretty! And the button tree. I honestly don't have any plans for Christmas crafting at this point. I think Halloween might have burned me out a little. I do have to get busy on some gingerbread "cookie" ornaments for the two soccer teams, they only have two games left!

  16. Anonymous3:47 AM

    I LOVE your three first projects!!! And I actually think the Matthew Meade wreath will be super cute with a few adjustments (If you can get it to hold togeather ;-))The pom pom wreath I'm not quite sure about? But maybe a ribbon and some glitter ornaments will do the trick?;-) I have quite a few unsucessful projects lurking around in the attic myself...but everything can't be a sucess... I'm sure the craft department at Martha Stewart also have a room of hidden, unsucsessful prtojects ;-)

  17. I'm going to make that button tree tomorrow with the little guy i think. But will use cardstock for the base since i have that on hand. Too cute! And i have a ton of buttons.


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