Monday, November 17, 2008

Christmas, already.

At about 7 pm on Saturday I decided we had to go Target right now. I have no idea why, since usually we have Jack in bed by 7 pm. I really wanted to see their Christmas stuff. So off we went.

While we wandering I happened upon a big box full of raspberries. I have been looking for raspberries like this all summer. I remembered seeing these raspberries on Hillary's blog, and since we spent so many good hours picking raspberries at the farm this summer, I have developed a serious affection for them.

Between the raspberries, the Christmas stuff at Target* and a fresh copy of Martha Stewart Living, I decided it was high time to get on the Christmas decorating wagon around here.
Generally I am very much a creature of habit. I put the same decorations in the same place year after year. It's easy and it goes fast that way. I've decided to shake things up a little bit this year. Plus, our furniture has changed this year a bit.

When we were first married my husband made this wooden tree stand for me. I saw one in the old Martha Catalog for Living** (for some crazy insane price like $300), and he cut one for me out of MDF and some hardware store table legs. We painted it pink, and I loved it, but only used it once. I had no place to go with it. It's big and heavy.

The new table is a perfect spot for it.
(Sorry these are blurry, it's the only way for my camera to capture the glow.) I cut up some poly quilt batting for snow, and stacked it full of my ever growing collection of vintage cardboard houses.
I put my old plastic deer on the bottom, even though I know Jack is going to drive me crazy with them. When I was a kid my mom would put plastic deer like that by our nativity and I loved playing with them. He is certain to move them around at least a million times before Christmas gets here. (Or I turn into a crazy woman, whichever comes first. LOL)

Part of the reason the Christmas decor will be different this year is that I am finding it completely, totally impossible to do anything with Jack around right now. I am not sure how it is possible, but it was a lot easier when he was 2, or even freshly 3. He is INTO EVERYTHING right now. If I can't do it while he is sleeping, it ain't gonna get done.
I also discovered today that in the space of 3 or 4 days his coloring skills (and really his cutting skills too), have gone from crazy scribbling type things, to actual coloring and cutting on the lines.

Anyway, Jack has been up all night coughing for many nights now, and I am exhausted. And he has been BEGGING me to make "babies" aka small object ornaments with him, so I better go do something productive. LOL

*Have you all seen this champagne tree at Target yet? Holy moley is it is gorgeous. I am not usually one for "gold" but I actually think I love that tree.

** I still have the catalog somewhere I think, I will try and get a pic on Flickr of the original if anyone wants it, just give a shout.


  1. oh my gosh Sarah! I LOVE that stand! I WANT IT! I tore a sheet out of an old Martha Stewart mag that had the little house layered in tiers like that years ago! I'm a keeper of little houses too and just love that stand! Good job Hubbie!
    Jack will have fun with the little deer and make his own little memories!
    How are you keeping the light cords from not being visable? I see that it's under the batting but what about the plug in parts?

  2. Anonymous5:28 PM

    I love your tree 'table'! And, your vintage houses. It all looks so perfect.

    I never decorate this early but after seeing everyone else's stuff I have such a bug this year! (Maybe this weekend, if I can get things straightened up around here...) :)

    And, oh my gosh! I saw that champagne tree at Target and thought the same thing, it's to die for. LOVE it. I'm with you on that one, I don't normally go for anything in the 'gold' family, but it's the perfect color.

  3. Oh I will have to go look at that tree- too cute! Miles is in a "cooking" phase and is always making up concoctions of water, salt, pepper and whatever else he can get his hands on, so I feel your pain!
    Love, love the wooden tree with all the goodies - now I want one too!

  4. Love your decorations...the houses are so cute on the tiered stand. I haven't even thought about decorations yet. You are brave.

  5. Anonymous7:20 PM

    I'm envying that tree stand - it's great, especially on that table. I can't wait to get out the cardboard houses. I love them so much, but you probably knew that.

  6. One of my local thrifts has a vintage stand like that and they use it for "Display Only" for selling their cheap Made in China watches and "Live Strong" bracelets. I want it sooo bad. No one there knows what it actually is and I am not about to tell them or they will put a fat price on it if they ever do decided to sell it. But, that doens't keep me from asking if it's for sale every time I go there. ;o)

  7. Anonymous9:13 PM

    It is never to early for Christmas decorations! Your hubby did a great job on that stand - it is awesome. Tis the season....

  8. The tree stand is amazing! :) I really want to decorate my house for christmas, but I'm so lazy, so we'll see. :)

  9. Anonymous6:24 AM

    Oh your tree stand looks sooo lovely. You've made me want to start decorating early-and you've inspired me to change it up at my house too.

    I hope Jack feels better soon.

  10. Now that I am feeling fully recovered from the past year you are really inspiring me to decorate! :) I feel like pulling out some Christmas stuff this weekend.

    One of the reasons I am thinking of pulling out my Christmas village is that my son will be at Grandma's! I can put it together without a lot of "help." :)

  11. Anonymous7:27 AM

    I just love your Putz houses. They look fabulous!

    I have nearly all of my Christmas deocrating done. I started three weeks ago when the weather was still nice here in Wisconsin. I've been decorating every day since then. I have 11 trees, 16 sleds and tobogans, 12 wreaths, and countless other things all over the inside (and outside) and my house.

    I say pull out those Christmas deocrations and get to it!!

  12. I adore your stand! Your husband is awesome for making that for you. I covet your vintage cardboard houses too, I have exactly *one*, that I treasure. In my area, for some reason, they are all so exorbitantly overpriced it is ridiculous so I can't justify adding to my pitiful "collection". I love that you're decorating already. :)

  13. Hi Sarah ~ I love that's toooooo cute! I wish I could have my dh make something like that...lucky girl!

    I remember my mom had those little deer too and we would play with them for hours!


  14. Sarah, I was just thinking about your needing to decorate while Jack is asleep. Looking at that from his prospective ~ he's absolutely got to think that he lives in a magical world where he can go to bed in an ordinary house and wake up to magic! Your assemblages are terrific, no matter what the season, and you really have an eye for the fantasy and wonder of a world through a child's eyes. How lucky he is to have you for his mom.

  15. Holy Cow Woman, I can't keep up with you! I'm SO not ready for the Christmas rush.

    Your Christmas stand is beautiful!!!

  16. how cool that your hubby made that for you. i saw those too, and was horrified when i saw the price. that tree is gorgeous!!

  17. Anonymous7:20 PM

    wow, you have your Christmas decorations up already...go you! looks great! :)

  18. Anonymous7:32 AM

    The Martha Stewart Holiday issue did it for me too. Suddenly there is a tree sofly lit, glowing in a corner, and the smell of cinnamon wafting through our house. I am hoping this is the year we finally get to make homemade candy canes!!


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