Sunday, November 09, 2008

November 9th already?

I cannot believe it is the 9th of November already. The days are just so full my head is spinning.

I've been:
*Taking down all the Halloween and slowly letting some Christmas stuff creep in.
*Thrifting this amazingly cute Cody Foster tree, what luck!
*Thinking about a new advent calendar since Jack is already asking daily when Santa Claus is coming.

*Doing laundry for 4 days. 12 hours a day. I don't even want to think about how many loads of laundry that is. My father asked if my washing machine had broken. Sadly not. And it has not been that long since I did laundry (maybe 2 weeks?). Where does it all come from?

*Still battling a sick cat. Despite more than a month of antibiotics and much extra love and attention, still he pees on the floor. I alternate between worrying about my beloved and being really frustrated at how much extra work all the cat pee is making. (Let's not even mention giving a cat medicine twice a day for 6 weeks. Oh boy.)

*Trying to come up with an idea for this year's Christmas card. Totally dry on that front. I like something fun. Any ideas that involve photos of the Jack attack?

*Working on a wreath while watching Christmas vacation. A wreath that is taking FOREVER, but hopefully will be gorgeous.

*FREEZING! It's cold, cold, cold. Jack is impatiently awaiting the arrival of the first snowfall, which sadly is probably a long way off for us.

*Battling some of the persistent anxiety that I cannot seem to shake this year.

*Sticking my nose in books: this one , which I am plowing right through, and this one , which I finally bought at Costco after many, many unsuccessful months of trying to get it from the library. (ALWAYS out and on reserve!)

*Thinking about when to take Jack to see Santa and what Santa should bring this year.

*Hoping Jack's head cold passes quickly and I don't get it.

*Occasionally going to bed at like 8 pm. Crazy talk, I know, but I am too tired to keep my eyes open!

So, how about you? Busy yet? Cold yet? All decked out for Christmas yet? LOL

What's on your mind or to do list?


  1. I have an idea for your Christmas card. This year my cousin (who has four under 6!!!) got a terrific family photo because she gave the kids giant, colorful lollypops to lick during the picture. They all-happily- looked away from the pops and smiled on cue. And, the pops look so cute in the picture. Maybe a giant candy cane?

  2. Ive been thinking about Christmas cards, too. I made ours last year, they were thumbprint reindeer using all of our thumbprints. But I think bought some last year really cheap after Christmas. I wont know until I get the stuff out.

    Things arent too busy yet. But they will be!

  3. Anonymous11:58 AM

    Water for Elephants is a great read, I finished it not long ago and I found myself savouring it, a bit each night. Not many books hold my attention like that.

  4. I put out all my Pilgrims, Indians and Turkeys this year, but I slipped in a glittered house, tree and Santa. Gettin' a little ahead of myself. DH has a cold and that is NO FUN FOR ANYONE. Snapping at us doesn't make me want to coddle him with soup and Vicks much. It is 40 degrees here in the middle of the day. Unhead of this time of year. Makes me nervous for what sort of a winter we have in store.....

  5. It is getting cooler here, but not really cold. 60's mostly. I still have my Autumn decor up and will continue to keep it up through Thanksgiving. All Christmas goes up December 1! (although I am sneaking in a bit of Christmas crafting here and there!)

  6. Oh, I got Water for Elephants for $1 at a garage sale and gave it away when I was done. It was written by a woman in my town!

    I finally got our cards ordered. Just photo cards from winkflash.

  7. Oh dear, I started to make a "to do" list today and I had to finally stop. It made me sick. Really. I've got pattern orders and a small trunk show Friday! Yipes.

  8. Re: Sick Cats~I've got 6 cats, 2 of which are on antibiotics so I can empathize with you. I've been using the "Pill Pockets" to insert their pill/s into and then my cat Buster thinks it's a SNACK! Peepers needs more convincing tho. :S On the urine spots, make sure that an enaymatic cleaner specifically for cat urine is used. I recommend "Nature's Miracle." Both the Pockets and Miracle are available at your nearest Petsmart.

  9. We're battling a cold here too - Peter's and I'm hoping Ned and I don't get it! Good luck with that Christmas card - I picked up some clearance "Insert the Picture" types last year and we had a family pic taken a bit ago - I hope that our summer attire looks Ok in the winter-ish cards. Oh well if it doesn't - I don't have time to worry about it this year!

  10. Anonymous4:29 PM

    I'm also FREEZING! It's so funny, because I've also been thinking about all those same things lately--the Christmas card, decorations, what to get the girls (we've decided only three gifts each this year...that's a lot of pressure!) But most of all, I'm FREEZING!

  11. We are TOTALLY on the same thrift path...there were two of those trees last week and I picked one and left one (yours!)...left one only because they were a little pricey.

  12. Sorry your kitty is still ill. We just had emergency surgery on our male kitty (neutered already) due to sudden blockage resulting from infections and crystal formation. He, too, would urinate on the floor because he associated the litter pan with pain. Best of luck to you. What an adorable blog you have.

  13. goodness that is some kind of list!!
    nice catch on the jody foster tree!!


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