Monday, November 03, 2008

On my mind

I woke up to Jack crying at 4:30 this morning and all I could think about was how much I HATE daylight savings. A ridiculous policy that was certainly not implemented by anyone with a small child who already was getting up with the chickens before we started messing with the clocks.

But, really, after yesterday I am thankful that my kid is safe in his room, at home with me, even if he is screaming and carrying on.

I've mentioned my "adopted family" here before. They've been an integral part of my life since I was 11. I love them dearly. They are good to me, and good to my husband and child. They were already in the midst of a funeral yesterday (not an unexpected death), when a real tragedy happened.

Really, the horror of it is almost too much to take.

I am often mocked for being overly protective of Jack. I hear more than my share of "why don't you just bubblewrap him until he is old?" But right now I really do want to just bubblewrap him.

If things are quiet around here, I am taking a few days to chew on it all and to sort out what we can do for them.


  1. So sorry for your loss. Hang in there and take as much time as you need. You are a good mama and your instincts have served you well.

  2. All of your family is in my prayers. I know how you feel with your sweet little boy. My two children are grown now, but I will never stop worrying about them. Then there's the grandchildren. Always something to worry about. You are a great Mom.

    When Anthony (now 30") was 4 to about 17 years old he had "night horrors". He would wake up out of a deep sleep screaming. He never remembered them. It was hard to get thim back to sleep.

  3. Oh Sarah, I'm sorry to hear this. I hope things get better, and we'll keep you guys in our prayers.

    You're a mom and it's o.k. to be protective of your child. It's our job! You do what's best for you guys and that's all that matters. hugs.

  4. I'm sorry about your loss, you'll be in my prayers. Hold Jack close and ignore what people say...they grow up way to fast.

  5. Anonymous12:05 PM

    so sorry sarah! having kids makes you so sensitive to pain and loss, it is unbearable on such a deep level. i feel for you, you are such a wonder blog friend to me! take your time, we will all be waiting for you.

  6. If I were closer, I'd bring you a casserole. There's nothing wrong with protecting your child, or for wanting to hold him even closer now. I'm sorry that you're sad.

  7. I am so sorry to hear about this. Please let us know if there is anything that we can do for you. HUGS


  8. We were up pretty early with Layla too.


  9. Anonymous8:43 PM

    Sending hugs to you all. Never worry about being labeled as overprotective. Mothers trust their insticts and it is our job to protect those that we are an awesome mom and Jack is an incredible little boy. Remember that.

  10. Anonymous9:38 PM

    Sending you a hug...

  11. Bubble wrap works wonders but so does a comfy couch and a cup of cocoa and a little cuddle time to get your head together. Thinking of you. xoxoxo

  12. Anonymous4:19 AM

    Your words of comfort meant a lot to me when I was worrying about my daughter, so I want you to know that I'm thinking of you.

  13. As my mom tells will ALWAYS worry about your children, no matter how old.
    I'm so sorry something terrible has struck your are in my thoughts and prayers Sarah

  14. Thinking of you, Sarah. I'm so sorry you are having hard and sad times.

  15. Sending positive thoughts your way.

  16. I am so sorry for all you and yours are going through. I hope you are okay...

    As a fellow protective mum, I have always said: you will never regret protecting your child from harm and being there for him/her - but you will if you don't follow your gut and something bad happens. You can only do what you think is best for your own family and love them with all that you have.

    Take care,


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