Sunday, November 30, 2008

State of the union

Dishwasher? Broken.

Me? Pretty sure I have a sinus infection. My face is sure to explode soon.

Jack? On his way to the doctor tomorrow, still sick. (Or sick again, it seems to come and go.)

Jack's hair? Paid good money for a haircut on Friday. Jack cut his own bloody hair while his father was sewing. He is damn bald now in spots.

Thanksgiving? Poopy. Really there was a whole lot of drama on many fronts that I don't want to relive.

The so called family vacation we are supposed to have been enjoying right now? Yea, sure.

Christmas decorations? HAHAHAHAHA, we will have none this year!

I am going to need to start drinking soon.


(Hopefully my life is going to return to normal soon. The blog will return to normal then also. Please let it happen soon.)


  1. Anonymous5:07 PM

    Should I send liquor or stage an intervention? Good luck ...

  2. oh my GOSH! Guess Jack decided "why bother will silly barbers......he can do it himself"! Thank goodness you got the Christmsas photo taken alrady...although you DO need to take pictures of the new haircut...I GUARANTEE you will laugh about it one day.
    Hope you are feeling better. Get Jack to school and go thrifting or something. Retail therapy is better than alcohol any day!

  3. I hope you get to feeling better soon. I hate to be sick and for you to have him sick on top of it, is just too much. Rest, drink "whatever you want" as long as it is get better. Christmas decorations can wait a few more days.

  4. If I had a box of Calgon, I'd sure send it your way. Girl you need some R & R.
    What is the hubby sewing on?
    Let's have a drink that things get better at your house. I have some leftover orange juice and peach snapps.

  5. Oh hon, hugs, hugs, hugs. I hope that you feel better soon. And Jack. One day, you WILL look back and laugh about the haircut. I think. :)

  6. Anonymous7:43 PM

    Your husband sews???

  7. just lots of (((((((HUGS)))))))

    Reclaiming The Home

  8. Hi,
    I linked over from Magpie Ethel. I saw your comment about the vintage corsages and how to display them. I put mine right on the Christmas tree. Easy and sweet! Your blog is just lovely.

  9. Sorry things are not so great right now! You are so clever with your blog titles. When I am writing mine, I always think about you and how clever you are and wish my mind worked that way! I am back at blogger and have a question for you, how do you change the font to something other than the 6 boring ones they give you???

  10. I have an unopened bottle of Tequila from 2 Christmases ago. It should be good and ripe, wanna share???

    Life returning to normal. WHAT????

    Normal is BORING!!!

  11. oy, sounds like the worst. Sorry about that. I managed not to visit very many extended relatives during the holiday so it was ok. Downsizing is good. It was just my kids. Whew. Get better. Hate when kids cut their own hair - dangit. You'll be ok in a few days. It seems things come in clumps.

  12. Oh goodness - hope all gets better soon :)

  13. hang in there, hon.

  14. Oh Sarah, you gave me giggles today. I can relate to poopy! Yes, I can.
    Glad though that you are thinking of ways to cope...libations at the top of your

    Every single kid I know must have thought at one time or another that he could do as good or better job than the barber/beautician. I cut off all my bangs one year for a truly geeky look to our lovely annual Christmas photos and brother Bob did the same. I don't remember if Jill did it, but surely she must have. Don't fear, this too shall pass. Hang in there girlie!

  15. Oh my....I hope things get better there fast! I have a couple of bottles of Jack Daniels that I can send over!!!

    Hugz girlfriend!


  16. Ouch!!! As Flibbertygibbet once told me...Breathe in, Breathe out! I hope things get a little more pleasant around there and that you're all soon feeling better!

  17. Sarah, one of these years you'll think back to this year and just laaaaaugh! I swear you will!!


  18. Anonymous12:01 PM

    I hope you are all on the mend. The holidays can be rough, especially when you aren't feeling well.


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