Friday, November 14, 2008

Thank you

The sky was so beautiful and pink last night, really lovely.
Thank you for all of the christmas card photo input.
This one is actually my favorite. A simple headshot, natural smile. But there is something on his eyelash that is driving me crazy.
I wonder if you are all drawn to number 4 because of his handwriting?

I wish I had thought to have him hold the sign in the Santa outfit. (He loved the Santa outfit and has declared he wants to be Santa next year for Halloween.)

I have to order the darn things today, so I had better decide soon. Somehow the quality on the one you all like is not that great when I resize it to postcard size.

Taking those pictures is much harder than I always expect it to be. The props, the clothes changing, trying to use 2 different cameras. And let's not forget Jack bouncing all around. LOL

I only saw one "what the hell was I thinking?" craft project when I was cruising this morning. So, I will wait until Sunday to do that post in the hopes that more of you will come out of the closet!

Come on, you know you want to. Even if it is some kind of 1980s geese, plenty of you have something hiding somewhere. I do like Saucy's idea of digging out the ones you think are a lost cause and asking for ideas on how to fix it. If you have those, I will link to those too.

Goodness knows I have plenty more of them!


  1. I think they are all so cute and that is why you can't decide. I like the full body Santa with the saying, he does look really sneaky!

    I will look again, I do have a cow I made one time during the country faze. At the time I thought he was cute, so don't think he qualifies, but he is sorta homely & sad now. He has a chicken friend.

  2. I am working on it. While I have a lot of mishaps, I tend to chuck them out of frustration and never look back!

  3. They are so adorable! I love the handwritten note photos...but love the sneaky santa one too! Just adorable! I know I'm too late to "vote" but thats my 2 cents. I have thrown every awful 80's craft project away...I might still have a goose or duck in the Christmas box somewhere!

  4. yes, it's the handwriting that Made me say #4!CUTIE boy!

  5. all of those are so dang cute!


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