Wednesday, November 19, 2008

true confessions

Ah well, I have nothing particularly exciting to blog about. How about a round of true confessions?
*I had a coke and some weird Trader Joe's candy bar for breakfast.
*I was up all.night.long with Jack and the coughing, mostly because coughing? It freaks me out. I broke a rib with a cough that wouldn't end when I was pregnant with Jack, it hurt like hell, and my kiddo coughing all night really upsets me.
*I took Jack to PDO even though he was coughing last night. He is totally fine during the day, and he had to get the cough from there to begin with. Yes, this is very bad mother of me. I know.
*When I took Jack to school I brought the show and tell bag back. The teacher tells me we have had that bag for like a month and they didn't know where it was. Oops. I didn't even know it was here.

*When my stinkin' wireless Internet won't work, I, ahem, borrow from the neighbor. (He wouldn't care, but still.)
*I just last week mailed a box to Jessi. She won those ornaments in a blog give away in May. Uh huh. She couldn't use them until now though, right? Sure Sarah.
*I have 66 vintage nativity figurines. Why? One person surely doesn't need 66 nativity figurines. Oh well, they are cool and I love them.
*I did a happy dance when I discovered that Panera Bread will be open on Thanksgiving. I really do NOT like Thanksgiving dinner at my aunt's house. Yuck.
*Despite disliking the food, I am SUPER grateful she does Thanksgiving. I used to have to do every.single holiday from Easter through Christmas. Crazy amount of work.
*Jack wears me out with his talking. I counted in the car a few weeks ago and he asked 25 questions in 7 minutes. That's one question every 15 seconds. Holey Moley.
*This morning Jack informed it was time for me to go to work. Why? He wants to stay home with his father all day.
*I miss sewing. I hear the machine calling me. The only problem? I have no freaking clue what to make.
*I took a zillion photos for the Christmas card, sweated for 2 days over editing them and choosing one and in the end I made my husband choose one. I never do that, but I was too tired to think about them anymore. When they arrive tomorrow it will be a surprise! LOL
*Even though I already had one bad run in with Matthew Mead crafts this month, the latest Matthew Mead Christmas stuff is calling to me. The directions are still crap and it is sure to end in another "What the hell was I thinking?" disaster.

Speaking of that, Lisa posted her on what the hell was I thinking craft. It was the only one I saw out there, so if I have missed you, just yell at me.

*I think I will send her a consolation prize for playing along. She should not be surprised when it takes me like 6 months to mail it though. LOL

And on that note, how about you? Need to confess anything?

(Pictures are a flea market quilt in my favorite pattern, but boy is it in rough shape. There are only about 6 good flowers left. The other photo are some recently thrifted feedsack yo-yo's. I am thinking about taking them apart to reuse the fabric in some other way. But for that I need sewing mojo.)


  1. Well the quilts are lovely first off. Secondly - it is good to get things out sometimes. I tend to hold some things in. I have LOTS to let out - but it is hard for me. Its good to know what is going on with you and Jack.

  2. Seriously, Sarah, I am laughing so hard I'm crying! You kill me! So does that boy! A question every fifteen seconds?!? You counted?!? And it's time for you to go to work?! HILARIOUS! ...the wireless internet...priceless! and the Show & tell bag!? Awesome. I guess I really needed a good laugh!

    BTW, I felt bad about not mailing Jacquie's giveaway prize yet, and it's only been a month. Now, no guilt. As long as I have it in the mail by March, I'm good.

    Oh yeah, and I never wanted to make a Grandmother's Flower Garden Quilt until I saw that one!

  3. oh Sarah, you're too much. Isaiah has that same cough thing going on. Do you have a humidifier in his room at night? Sometimes the dry heat can aggravate the airways. It seems to do the trick with Isaiah.

    I have lots of things to confess, I just think I might scare my blog readers away ;) hee hee

  4. I have no idea about the validity of this treatment but I recently read it and thought it might have merit. You know how at pharmacies they always have those pamphlets about random health problems. Anyways, one of them said this: "Researchers at Penn State College of Medicine found that children given 1-2 teaspoons of honey coughed less and slept more doundly than those given a dose of dextromethorphan cough syrup. Researchers summarized that honey coats the throat and spurs saliva production which can help to thin out mucus. It's also rich in infection-fighting anti-oxidants."

    Like I said, I haven't tried it but coughing is the worst and if honey helps, I'm gonna do it. good luck and i love your blog.

  5. soundly not doundly

  6. LOL -- you're a funny girl Sarah!

    That GFG is beautiful. And you know the default activity when you must sew and don't know what to make -- a quilt!

  7. Anonymous2:33 PM

    Aw, I hope Jack starts feeling better soon - for both your sakes.

    No one else is confessing?! Can I post anonymously? ;) I have lots to confess. Haha!

    I still haven't gotten my sister's son, who is also our godson, his baby gift. He's three. And, it isn't intentional - I'm just a procrastinator. (I'd say!) I also, for the very same reason, still need to get baby gifts for a couple of my husband's siblings, going back to the beginning of the year. In 'real life', I am exhausted today. (Too many people refuse to believe the truth. I'm presently working on 'letting go'.) I have nothing planned for dinner and it's 4:30. Carter still doesn't have a Christmas stocking and we're going on his fourth Christmas! (

    And, I agree with a previous comment, how about a quilt? :) What about a Christmas one? Or how about sewing some ornaments? I've felt uninspired lately, too, but I'm hoping to change that by going online tonight and looking at Christmas projects.

  8. Anonymous2:52 PM

    Hope poor Jack feels better soon. And you actually once broke a rib from coughing? That's a pretty nasty sounding cough!

  9. Anonymous4:56 PM

    Love all the true juicy! I can't believe you have 66 nativity figurines. That must be one might manger scene! Hope Jack's cough is better soon - having a sick kid is no fun. Have a great evening.

  10. Anonymous8:22 PM

    Your post is so funny!

    And, oh, wow, love that quilt...I just started learning how to hand piece & quilt and finished a block in that pattern. Out of all the blocks we are learning, that is the one I really want to make a quilt of. I even decided I wanted green running between on the little diamonds.
    The teacher brought in a teeny version of the quilt and I so want to make a teeny one, too! Yeah, so many things and not enough time.

    Panera Bread - yummo! Just discovered it a few months back & it's a fave now.
    Have a good time on T-giving!

  11. OH THANK YOU!! I was feeling SO BAD about being delinquent in mailing the 'giveaway' from my blog that you won! Now I know that You will be forgiving 8-)

  12. Anonymous7:34 AM

    Take Jack in and see if he has bronchitis! My son has been coughing at night and for the first 20 min or so when he wakes up. Those were pretty much his only symptoms. I let it go on for a month before I finally thought I better get him checked. Sure enough, bronchitis and antibiotics for 5 days. I hope he feels better soon! :)

  13. HI!
    I saw that magazine but could not look at it yet (it is still at the store).
    I think that YOU should write the directions for him! I can not tell you how much I loved doing your tlutorial on tree/bleaching/dying.
    I have ALOT of trees! :)
    Should I put the "trick" we discovered about aqua trees :) under one of the photos OR would you like to tell about it! :) :)

  14. Here was my "What the Hell Was I Thinking" post...

    As for confessions: I went to a wedding a several years ago and when I cleaned out my closet a few years ago, I found the card with the check. Now that bank/account is no longer, so I just did nothing. No gift then and apparently, no gift now.

  15. hehe great post. As for confession goes, my sewing machine keeps calling me, too. But I just ignore it because I am super busy with school and of course, youtube. hahaha

  16. i love your list
    you crack me up!!

  17. Hey - I kind of liked that you didn't send them until now - then I would have just had to figure out where to put them until now:)! And maybe someday (hopefully tomorrow), I will get a tree to put them on!


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