Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What I love, rerun

My current projects (why do I have three going at once?!?!) are taking forever, so how about a rerun?

I had this wreath packed away while the Halloween stuff was out. I was a little sad packing it away, and unpacking it last week reminded me of how much I love it.
It's fresh and simple and I never get tired of it.
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  1. ok....LOVE the wreath! LOVE that everything you already had on hand...LOVE that dresser and the little key holes you had it displayed on in the other post and LOVE your blog header! SO CUTE! I've been gathering branches in my yard to do something similar!

  2. Anonymous8:31 AM

    what did you make those flowers out of??
    thanks for your kind words in your recent comment. . .I really appreciated it.

  3. Whoa. How could you get tired of it? That's one perfect wreath. And your blog header is great, I'm LOVING the sparkly brances and birds.

  4. Branches... I meant branches. Sheeze, I cannot spell.

  5. great original post! that wreath is super sweet and i love the colors. i was wondering how you did the apples! how clever is that!! and cotton time...sigh....love cotton time

  6. Anonymous11:05 AM

    You have been so very busy! I love seeing what you are up to. And I really love the display table made out of MDF.. So Cute!!!


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