Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Woodland tree skirt

Well, I am sick. And Jack is still sick. (He is congested as all get out, everything else seems to have improved. For him at least.) I am pretty sure we are *out* for Thanksgiving at this point.

Sick means gobs of time at home. Board games, bingo games, movies to watch and time to cut out a million applique pieces.

A perfect opportunity to answer the call of the sewing machine? Maybe. It takes a lot longer to make things when you are sick. LOLI am determined to have a small woodland tree in the living room this year. I can't find the pinecone ornaments anywhere, and I need to order toadstools still, but at least we have one cute woodland tree skirt.
Originally I had imagined the background fabric would be a red and white polka dot, but I didn't have enough dotty fabric, so I went with linen.
The fabric pretty much told me where to go from there, so I just went with it. (Who knew fabric could be so bossy?)
Dave thinks the gnomes need red hats, but, eh, I think they are cute enough without the red hats.

And with that, the couch is calling me.

P.S. Jack is sitting on the floor playing with dominoes and he has just informed me that he is "trying to make a rhombus." (insert wide eyed mama here)A rhombus? Really?

EDITED: If you are reading with a feed reader, I changed the photos to brighter photos. The feed reader might still pick up the original photos, in case you want to click through for sunnier ones. Not that they are much better.


  1. Of course I love it. :) I found 2 new toadstool ornaments yesterday for my 2009 tree! LOL Did you see the tutorial for sequined toadstools that was on someone's blog last year? I LOVE them and want to make dozens.

    The little gnomes are adorable! I like their blue hats. :)

  2. Anonymous1:47 PM

    Love the tree skirt, it turned out adorable! Sorry you guys have been sick, NO FUN! Especially throwing up, YUCKY!

  3. The gnomes' faces are so sweet!

  4. Your Tree skirt is adorable! So adorable!

  5. Ugh, I guessed you might be sick since you hadn't posted. Sorry to hear of it.

    LOVELOVELOVE the gnomes!!! And, I love their hats being the same as their coats. Too cute!

    How do you do creative when you are sick? I can't muster that. Usually being sick makes me think of all the lagging housework.

    Hope you are well by morning!!


  6. Anonymous3:11 PM

    I love your gnomes. I'm sorry you're sick. I don't remember what a rhombus is. If Jack has time, maybe he can explain.

  7. I love that tree skirt!!!

  8. I love the gnomes!!! They are so sweet.

  9. I hope you all feel better! Love the tree skirt...adorable!

  10. Sorry you guys are sick!

    Cute tree skirt :)

  11. Anonymous12:01 AM

    Oh yuck, I'm sorry to see that you guys are sick.

    For the past two years we've had the flu (and a really bad one at that) on or around Thanksgiving. (Here's hoping this will be a better year.) I'm getting worried the more people keep mentioning the flu!

    I hope you're starting to feel better so you can at least enjoy the day. :) Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  12. This is so incredibly cute. It inspires me. I love it.

  13. OMG, too cute!

    sorry to hear about the sicknesses. We got it here too. Snot everywhere.

  14. It looks fabulous!! Martha has a whole woodland line at Macys. :) Including toadstools . . .


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