Saturday, December 06, 2008

5 years of wedded bliss

Who knew when we left that beach nearly 6 years ago and replanted ourselves in Missouri that life would be this good?

In five short years of wedded bliss, there has been:
The wedding from hell, arguments with in laws (over dirty dishes, of course), and the rockets red glare;

Trips to the ER, broken bones, kidney stones, and batteries in bellies;

We've survived colicky babies, drug busts on neighbors, and cat pee on the floors;

There was a housing boom and an even bigger boom that ended with recession;

We've battled squirrels and birds and mice and occassionally enjoyed a woodchuck;
We taught our kid how to walk and talk (curse words not included) and swim and ride his bike;

There've been minivans and farmer tans and several visits from the firemans (sic);

There've been tantrums and toots and piles of loot from plenty of flea markets;
We've listened to I can't, I won't, I need, I want, mommy, mommy, MOMMY!;

And to think I haven't even stabbed anyone with the decorative scissors!

At the end of the day, it's just you and I, happy to be in our flowers bed, with rarely an argument in sight.

Just a poke to the ribs to get you to roll over again, will you please stop that snoring!

I love you my Dear, it's been pretty swell here, and I look forward to seeing you each morning.

("Dave, is this picture from when you two were married? Why were you married at this age? When do I get married?")


  1. Have a good one, you guys!

  2. Happy, happy, happy Anniversary! May you have many, many,many more....

    And I hope you two get to eat out on a date tonight!

  3. Happy Anniversary! This year was our 5th too. Time goes so fast!

  4. Happy Anniversary :)

  5. Anonymous1:52 PM

    Happy anniversary! And I really want to hear about the batteries in bellies one day!

  6. Happy Anniversary!

  7. Anonymous11:50 PM

    happy anniversary! time does fly by doesn't it? we'll be celebrating 8 years of marriage on the 9th! it only feel like we've been married for a year or two!

  8. Anonymous12:44 AM

    Happy Anniversary!

  9. Anonymous12:02 PM

    happy anniversary!!

  10. Happy Anniversary!!!! We just passed our 18th in late September, it only gets better, trust me!!!


  11. Happy Anniversary Sarah & Dave!! We'll be celebrating our 6th next week. Time flies when you are with the one you love, doesn't it?

  12. Aw !!! Happy anniversary! My hubs and I just celebrated !5 yrs of marriage in August and (we met as actors) just last week he sent me 20 roses(he was out of town) for our 1st day of rehearsal 20 yrs ago!
    It just gets better and better.
    PS you are so lucky your hubs shares your love of yummy junk! Mine just accepts that I love junk!

  13. Happy Anniversary (late). Our 5 years was the absolute worse anniversary ever EVER. But now it's been double in years and more than double in love and laughter. :) Hope the next five years are just as wonderful for you if not even better!


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