Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The family jewels

I think I could blog every day from here until Christmas and not run out of things to blog about. I am sure when the next dry spell hits I will be missing that!

So how about the Christmas tree today before many of you leave for the holidays? (as always you can click to enlarge.)
The mantel in our bedroom this year. I stuck all of the tree toppers that I could find, lots of glass bead decorations and some beautifully silvery old garland amongst the pottery there this year.
I was trying to capture the "glow", instead I captured a tree on speed. LOL
This tree is new to me this year. I buy every old white tree I can find if I can afford them. The older white trees are more cream colored than the super stark white trees they make today.

It is a beautiful really full tree, but that means you can't fit as many ornaments on it as you can on the one I used last year.
These "greetings" ornaments are new to me this year too. Love them.

There are some super special pink icicles this year too. Thanks Rebecca.

This tree is always in our bedroom, and I like to be able to just lie in bed and stare at it.

Sparkly perfection.
It's snowing today. We did have a bit of an ice storm Sunday night, and more ice is coming on Thursday.

Not enough snow for sledding, but enough snow and ice to keep us grounded.

I had better get back to the quilt on the sewing table. Christmas is coming!


  1. LOVE your white tree! You did a very nice job phoographing it.

  2. Total white tree envy over here. oooh.

    And I owe you toadstools. xo

  3. Oh I love your white tree and the mantle looks awesome.

  4. Loving the blow mold Santa peeking out of the playhouse. That is sooo something I would do. I hung a wreath on our storage shed and absolutely NO ONE can see it - including us. But, I know it's there!

    The mantle is delicious!

  5. Anonymous7:14 PM

    I love your tree so much. Loaded with ornaments, that's the way. Those nice mellow, white trees are perfection. Barbara

  6. Very pretty tree. Your forecast sounds like ours. We got a couple inches of snow today, really our first snow, if you don't count the show showers we had the other day.

  7. Your tree looks great. I'd just lie and stare at it too. :)

  8. Oh Sarah. That white tree is stunning!

  9. This is my first year for a white tree. My but yours is gorgeous !!!

  10. Anonymous2:00 PM

    you tree is AMAZING!!!!!!
    Merry Christmas!

  11. I love your mantle!!!

  12. I think your tree is so very very pretty!!!! It looks terrific all stuffed full of gorgeous ornaments and pink icicles!
    Merry Christmas!!


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