Monday, December 22, 2008

Hapde Burfday Kristin

(Never mind the two posts in one day. I am so exhausted I've lost my mind and forgot this earlier. LOL)


  1. Somewhere there is an Aunt that loves that little guy. She will probably frame that picture.
    AND your quilts in the wardrobe are awesome. You have the mother load!

  2. I love that "burfday" way of Jack speaking. I guess that is one thing I miss the most of not having little children - the cute/funny/sweet things they say. It is so spontaneous and darling. One time when my 18 year old was about 7 she was on her bike and took a fall and hit her bottom hard on the bike seat. She came in the house and said "mom I hurt my china hutch!". Well she is the 6th daughter and of course very sophisticated in personal words. And she was trying to say the V word but instead said china hutch. IT was cute. I miss those days.

  3. What an adorable child! Those deep smiling eyes could light up a room! Also, I have MAJOR vintage quilt envy....lucky girl.


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