Sunday, December 21, 2008

Hot off the press

Yesterday we took Jack to the Santa parade in Historic St Charles . It's short, but fun, and always makes it feel like Christmastime.
There was the drum and fife corp;
Santa Lucia;
and Frontier Santa (my personal favorite, although I do like the Civil War Santa quite a lot too, but we didn't see him this year). They also have a town crier, carolers, a sugar plum fairy and more. The kids love it.
Afterward we went to a tiny local hardware store that always has the most amazing train set up. They wind the line around this tiny store and kids wait as patiently as they can to see the magic. This thing is huge and must take forever to put together every year.

(And every year the two old guys who do it swear it is the last year. That area of town is quickly being overcome by my alma mater, Lindenwood, and it is becoming easier to imagine that the hardware store won't last much longer. Sad.)
And I finally finished the last Christmas gift on my list, another flannel quilt. That orange is actually a soft melon color, not bright orange.
I made one last year for my mom, and they come together pretty easily, so I thought I would make one for my aunt this year.

One year I need to make one for myself! They are quite snuggly and warm.

It's interesting to me that in the photos the one last year looks much better than the one this year. I think in person this one is actually prettier than last year's.

Alrighty. I am off to waste time. Doing nothing. Even though there is plenty to do. LOL


  1. One of our favorite places this time of year...and in spring/fall. We caught the parade the day after thanksgiving. My favorite is the Snow Queen. The guy with his hand up the goat puppet kinda freaks me out though. Stay warm's a bitter one! (and that train display is amazing, we usually go after Christmas)

  2. I love the quilt you looks so warm and cozy...and the colors are beautiful!

  3. Looks like a fun parade! Love the quilt-cozy!

  4. Great job on the quilt! The shot of Jack by the fence is quite cute, too.

  5. The parade sounds like fun. Your quilt is pretty too. I love flannel, it is so soft and warm. I like to use it on the backs of quilts too.

  6. Oh, I wish we had a Santa parade in my town. It looks like you had a wonderful day!! Merry Christmas!


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